Obscure Canadian Makes Vague But Valid Point About LGBT Suicides

Have you ever heard of Canadian TV personality Rick Mercer? Neither have we. But that’s OK because he has some unclear yet interesting advice about how LGBT adults can help make life better before we get another Jamie Hubley on our hands.

Basically he says that LGBT adults need to “step up” make make things better for LGBT kids. And though he never explains what stepping up and making things better means, we guess it means that every LGBT adult should come out, start raising awareness at PTA meetings, working to get bullies prosecuted and pressuring our community representatives to start taking LGBT education issues seriously before another 11 to 13 LGBT kids kill themselves.

Remember, bullying is just the tip of the iceberg. Saving LGBT kids means integrating recognition of LGBT individuals throughout the educational system. Nothing less will stem the tide of anti-LGBT violence plaguing this world.

Thanks for the advice, random dude!