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Of Course Ann Coulter Has No Problem With Carl Paladino Calling Homosexuality ‘Disgusting’

Never one to let a gay-hating man go undefended, Ann Coulter came to Carl Paladino’s rescue last night. And even Bill O’Reilly couldn’t buy her bull.

In denouncing the disgusting homosexual lifestyle that is a plague to children and threatens to brainwash them, the New York gubernatorial hopeful was really just attacking left-wing gay activists, not all gays, says Queen Cult. “YOU’RE CRAZY,” O’Reilly basically replied. Coulter, who makes fun of gay people to their faces (and those who pay for the honor), insists voters do want to hear about the moral issues, not the fiscal issues. And that’ll help him at the ballot box! “Everybody but you, in the world, agrees this ain’t gonna help the guy,” says O’Reilly. Reasonably.

Preach it, CQ.

Not defending Paladino? NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (and Mayor Bloomberg BFF), who stopped by MSNBC on Monday to tie together how bullies like Paladino only perpetuate the normalization of hate, which popped up most recently in New York with the Latin King Goonies’ attack on three men.

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