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Of Course Sarah Palin’s Co-Author Hates Gays As Much as She Does


It’s not just Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown who’s furious over Sarah Palin’s new book. The gays aren’t too happy with Going Rogue either. And not merely because Ms. Palin is a virulent homophobe herself: her “co-author” is a giant gay hater.

Brown, whose new book The Lost Symbol got knocked off bestseller lists by Palin’s tome, says, “I didn’t spend 7 years slaving over noetics and symbology just so some glacier-snipe could dictate to a ghost writer for three weeks and wallow in first place.”

And the gays didn’t spend decades slaving over their civil rights to have Palin score millions from a book she dictated to Lynn Vincent, the writer who’s been on religious fundamentalist activist agenda for years.

Vincent was hired by HarperCollins’ Jonathan Burnham (a gay man) to take Palin’s story and craft it into something readable (and salable). So just who is this Vincent person? She’s a bestselling author in her own right; Same Different as Me, about a homeless man’s friendship with an art dealer, sold more than half a million copies. (Palin’s Rogue will have 1.5 million copies printed for its first run.) She’s also a vocal advocate for deleting California’s gays’ right to marry.

As a senior writer for WORLD magazine, Vincent has produced copy about religion, abortion, and yes, gay marriage. As Andrew Sullivan notes, it’s Vincent’s lauding profile of a trio of pastors who took back marriage by helping drum up support for Prop 8 among Christian conservatives.


No surprise, then, that these two women share more than hateful values: