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Of Course Sarah Palin’s Co-Author Hates Gays As Much as She Does


It’s not just Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown who’s furious over Sarah Palin’s new book. The gays aren’t too happy with Going Rogue either. And not merely because Ms. Palin is a virulent homophobe herself: her “co-author” is a giant gay hater.

Brown, whose new book The Lost Symbol got knocked off bestseller lists by Palin’s tome, says, “I didn’t spend 7 years slaving over noetics and symbology just so some glacier-snipe could dictate to a ghost writer for three weeks and wallow in first place.”

And the gays didn’t spend decades slaving over their civil rights to have Palin score millions from a book she dictated to Lynn Vincent, the writer who’s been on religious fundamentalist activist agenda for years.

Vincent was hired by HarperCollins’ Jonathan Burnham (a gay man) to take Palin’s story and craft it into something readable (and salable). So just who is this Vincent person? She’s a bestselling author in her own right; Same Different as Me, about a homeless man’s friendship with an art dealer, sold more than half a million copies. (Palin’s Rogue will have 1.5 million copies printed for its first run.) She’s also a vocal advocate for deleting California’s gays’ right to marry.

As a senior writer for WORLD magazine, Vincent has produced copy about religion, abortion, and yes, gay marriage. As Andrew Sullivan notes, it’s Vincent’s lauding profile of a trio of pastors who took back marriage by helping drum up support for Prop 8 among Christian conservatives.


No surprise, then, that these two women share more than hateful values:

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  • Brian

    Christians, again. No surprises.

  • Chris

    Man, you guys are such whiners. Barack Obama is equally a gay hater, so what’s your point?

  • Mike

    Ah well what do you expect? They’re both c u next tuesdays

  • Flex

    S. Palin is a crude pig farmer. We’re going to nail her career into a coffin! She can take her pussyfoot husband with her!

  • will clemens

    @Chris:Chriss I agree, Obama is one big fucking gollywog of faggot hatred, and we whine over this bitch?

  • jason

    A lot of these women have husbands who drool over lesbians. As lesbians are homosexual, it surprises me that they haven’t complained about it. Where is the moralizing? One wonders if these women are giving a pass to their husbands.

  • aaron

    Now I’d like to entertain everybody with some fancy pageant walking![img][/img]

  • mbrad

    Can you substantiate this claim? “Ms. Palin is a virulent homophobe herself: “. If you look at the approach Palin used in governing it was very moderate actually. I’m not aware of any attempt she’s made at restricting gays through proposed legislation.

  • Dude

    Todd Palin quit his job? The only job that I knew he had was holding his wife’s coattails, and he’s still doing that as far as I know!

  • jason

    Sarah looks as if she’s trying to channel Linda Carter a la Wonder Woman. Darling, you’re not a patch on Linda. Linda was gorgeous. You, on the other hand, look like a moose with knobby knees.

  • Mike

    During the campaign she broke from her running mate and spoke in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, among other things…

  • tinkerbell

    @Brian: Agreed. These people hate us, plain and simple.

  • Emily

    I might point out that if you mouse over the bottom image, it comes up with “lynn_vincent_trapshooter” – given the slang use of ‘trap’ to mean trans women, that image title really has me worried…

  • William Day

    @Emily: Doesn’t “trapshooter” just mean “hunter who shoots animals caught in traps”?

  • Robert, NYC

    These devolved species in the form of Palin including Maggie Gallagher will get around the accusation that they hate gays by using the “christian” mantra….hate the sin love the sinner bullshit. By supporting a ban on marriage equality and other equality issues is an act of hatred in and of itself, not just to us but to those of us who have children. So in other words, denying full equality is denying it to our children, so much for the family values cunt(s).

  • aaron

    I can see Russia from my house!


  • Mike


    You expect substantiation? Really?

    C’mon. It’s no secret in these times if you’re at all religious you ARE a homophobe.

    No proof or facts required.

  • Vincent


  • tjr101


    You should visit Palin’s church in Wasilla. You’ll be the perfect candidate for conversion therapy!

  • ProfessorVP

    Anyone who thinks Palin “hates” gays misses the point by a mile. These politicians are opportunists. If pissing on somebody’s rights and equality will benefit them, they can do it without necessarily hating, disliking or even having any particular opinion on the topic. Just look at Palin–
    the comical hairdo, Far Side glasses, Saturday Night Live
    speech pattern. She’s a hoot! Don’t tell me she isn’t a fag
    hag in her private time.

    Is it possible to have and love gay friends and family members and at the same time have a virulent, hateful political career based on homophobia? Of course, just as it is possible to
    BE gay and have a virulent, hateful political career based
    on homophobia. Am I wrong?

  • tinkerbell

    Yep, you’re wrong. You appear to be an apologetic RepublicanChristian who wants desperately to believe that the religious fundamentalists haven’t hijacked the entire party.

    Sarah Palin does hate gay folk, if for no other reason that she thinks that we are undeserving of the same rights and equality that she freely enjoys. She vetoed non-discrimination legislation as the Alaskan governor. She speaks out publicly against gay people. I’m sorry, but her little “I have a gay friend” statement is insulting at the least. It’s reminiscent of the southern racists I used to come into contact with who would always caveat their racism with the little statement “…but I have a black friend.”


  • terrwill

    Everyone keeps getting her first name wrong!! its not “Sarah” its “Scarah”………………..And whats funny is that she should really be scaring the bejezus out of the rightwing-nutbags who are saliviating over her being the Repugnatcan candidate for 2012. There are all kinds of rumors swirling about the closet full ‘o skeletons she has in her closet (including a very vivid homemade sex tape)…..We can look forward to a full October full of suprises come 2012 if they nominate her………………..

  • holla

    Dan Brown, get over yourself. Even I would rather read Sarah Palin’s book over yours.

  • Robert, NYC

    The right wing is dumb enough to even think this nitwit could stand a chance of running for the presidency. Lets face it, she was the reason why McCain lost dismally in the last election and they want to see her run again? If she does, she’ll kill any chance of another republican running against her by taking away votes from her rival, people like “Fuckabee”.

  • Mike

    That quote from Dan Brown seems odd to me. An autobiography would not affect the position of his novel on the bestseller lists.

    Also, I can’t find the quote via google.

    Source, please?

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