Of Course The Grifting Homophobe Blames Gays For His Downfall

For the past several years self-proclaimed pastor Harris Himes has spoken out against evolution, reproductive rights, and of course queer equality across the nation. During that time he also got someone to invest $150,000 into his business, Duratherm Building Systems, and then ran off with the money. When authorities began investigating Himes for theft and fraud, the discovered that his business didn’t actually exist and that the church he supposedly serves as pastor for is nothing more than a P.O. Box.

Yesterday, Himes turned himself in for six felony financial charges and of course, he’s blaming the gays and the reproductive rights advocates for his downfall.

It should come as no surprise that Mr. Himes is also a volunteer attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund—the same legal organization that defends homophobic bed and breakfast, anti-gay therapists-in-training, and took time to honor New York Senator Ruben Diaz for all his outspoken work against LGBT Americans.

We wonder if the ADF will be representing Mr. Himes in this case, seeing as the shadowy cabal of gays and women have conspired against him.