Of Course The Grifting Homophobe Blames Gays For His Downfall

For the past several years self-proclaimed pastor Harris Himes has spoken out against evolution, reproductive rights, and of course queer equality across the nation. During that time he also got someone to invest $150,000 into his business, Duratherm Building Systems, and then ran off with the money. When authorities began investigating Himes for theft and fraud, the discovered that his business didn’t actually exist and that the church he supposedly serves as pastor for is nothing more than a P.O. Box.

Yesterday, Himes turned himself in for six felony financial charges and of course, he’s blaming the gays and the reproductive rights advocates for his downfall.

It should come as no surprise that Mr. Himes is also a volunteer attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund—the same legal organization that defends homophobic bed and breakfast, anti-gay therapists-in-training, and took time to honor New York Senator Ruben Diaz for all his outspoken work against LGBT Americans.

We wonder if the ADF will be representing Mr. Himes in this case, seeing as the shadowy cabal of gays and women have conspired against him.

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  • Michael

    If he wants to blame anyone he should go to the root of the problem: himself.

    These hypocrites are priceless they preach about morality ethics and values yet these people do not have any of those to begin with.

    Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • BigWoody

    Excellent article, Daniel V. More of these please.

  • Little Kiwi

    he broke at least TWO of God’s Ten Commandments.

    so…um…yeah… that’s not our fault.

  • Hyhybt

    That must be some impressive PO box; one of the linked articles says it has four homeless families living in it!

  • Politico Wolf

    You do know that schadenfreude is not all that becoming? Despite what this man has done in the past against us as a group, we can still take the higher road and not dog pile upon him till at least when he has had his day in court. We all may be a bunch of degenerates in their eyes, but we can prove them that we can stand on some respectable principle and take that bit of wind out of their arguments against us.
    Here are a few things to keep in mind:
    1.) Just because you have been subpenaed does not mean that you are actually guilty of anything. Anyone of us can have a suite filed against us in any court of this land, and the only time that it is shown to have any validity to it is when it does go to court. Can we please act as though we are still a country with laws and rights?
    2.) And wouldn’t an innocent man turn themselves in to shorten the process to prove their innocence, while a guilty man with no ability to prove theirs run from the law?
    3.) Keep in mind, he might actually be right about there being a plot involved here between certain parties, considering that he has been a “Christian gadfly” in Montana for around 15 years now, I am pretty sure he has made more than his own share of friends and enemies on any side of any issue. And with how small most circles tend to form in and around the bitter root valley, it would not take long for something to form.

  • B

    Didn’t some other homophobe running a business get caught paying for a rent boy to “carry his luggage, which John Stewart or Stephen Colbert termed “lifting his sack”?

    Just saying … if you need discrete rent boys, at least enough of them, the costs do mount up. Don’t know about this Himes guy, but there has been a pattern of rabid homophobes getting a little you know what on the side.

  • codyj

    @yup, B, yr correct, that twas “Dr” ? geo rekkers, who was Floridas witness in the banning of gay adoptive parents (recently overturned)…he was the only ‘expert ‘ witness”Aty Gen” Bill Mcculloum could find, …and he spent much court testimony vilifying us….then a few yrs later, was caught comming back from an ‘overseas’ vaca…with ‘lucus’ and (on line) rent boy….Rekkers initially said ‘oh i have a bad back…i hired him to ‘lift my bags’ lol…and i took him along,also, to SHARE the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him, (WAAAAAAhat????), turns out, Lucien spilled the story, Rekkers was into some sort of naked ‘boi massages’ yeah, said Lucien, “he was really into it”….jus another self hating homo, who did ALOT of damage to decent gay folks, RE: adoption” in Florida, by gay people…and again this haS BEEN OVERTURNED. Interesting to note….he has completely disappeared since thenB:

  • Steve

    I don’t care who he tries to blame, so long as he stops bothering us, and goes to jail for a long time. Unfortunately, he will very likely draw a judge who will allow his “blame-the-gays” defense, and dismiss the charges.

  • ewe

    He can blame me. So what. Incarcerate his ass.

  • declanto

    @Politico Wolf: Screw that, Schadenfreude is wonderful. Admit it, We LOVE to see these H8ters bite the dirt. Looking forward to a long prison term for Harris!

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