Bad cop

Officer accused of inappropriately touching male gunshot victim in a hospital bed

Well, this is disturbing.

A man is suing police after he claims a male officer sexually harassed him while he was lying in a hospital bed.

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The alleged incident happened at an ICU unit in Adelaide, Australia back in 2012. The victim was admitted after suffering a gunshot wound.

As he lay “helpless and recovering” in his hospital bed, the male officer allegedly made repeated “unwanted bodily contact” and “suggestive comments” toward him.

Despite telling the officer he wasn’t interested and that he had a girlfriend, the victim says the alleged harassment continued almost on a “daily basis” during his entire hospital stay.

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After he was released, he says the officer tracked down his cell phone number and continued sending him “sexually explicit messages.”

To add another layer of darkness to the story, the man has asked that his identity remain anonymous because, local media reports, “he fears for his safety in his ethnic community where homosexuality is punishable by death.”

Police say the officer was disciplined for his actions but that no criminal charges were filed. Meanwhile, the officer denies everything.

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h/t: 10 Eyewitess New Adelaide