OH Activist Provides A Good Reason For Anti-Gay Politicians To Renew Their Domain Names

When Dean Lovelace decided to begin his re-election campaign for Dayton City Commissioner, he didn’t realize that someone else in Ohio had purchased his old domain name That someone else was activist David Lauri, a person not so happy with Lovelace’s history of voting against sexual orientation protections.

Revenge is a dish best served over the internet.

You see, in 1999 and 2007, Lovelace voted against a law that would have prohibited discrimination against LGBs. So Lauri took Lovelace’s old website and changed it into a full page ad of why people shouldn’t vote for Lovelace. Let’s look at some of the page’s cattier statements:

– If [Lovelace] can’t manage to keep his own campaign website running, why should we expect him to be competent at running a city?

– …if Commissioner Lovelace had had his way, Dayton would still be discussing whether it should be legal to fire someone for being gay or to refuse to rent to someone for being lesbian

– Dean Lovelace has been in office… 18 years! If [he] had any new ideas for this city, he’s already had plenty of time to implement them… anyone other than Dean Lovelace will be a better choice.

In response, Lovelace said, “I think [Lauri’s] a jerk. … I’ve not done anything to him, ever.” To which Lauri responded, “He has done something to me and every other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender person in Dayton (through his votes).”

David Lauri, you just became our web geek boyfriend of the week.