Oh Come, Oh Come, (Rahm) Emanuel

Betchya he’s never heard that joke before. So anyway, that photo is not a beer ad from The Advocate, but rather our amazingly handsome Chief-of-Staff-In-Waiting and his equally handsome brother Ari, who is the inspiration for Jeremy Piven’s character on Entourage. No slouch in the inspiration department, Rahm was the template for The West Wing’s Josh Lyman.

Think they’re competitive? I bet they have pick-up games in the yard and have secret names for each other. They are the most attractive fraternal power brokers we have ever seen and we won’t say anything else because Queerty is hoping for a White House invitation/ not to be flagged on a government ‘watch list’.

UPDATE: Wonkette is also obsessed with the brothers Emanuel and just posted a super-fun quiz to determine which brother you are.

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  • mama

    Unbelievably sexy

  • ChicagoJimmy

    I know it’s for the greater good, but I’m a bit upset because I live in Rahm’s Congressional District and now he won’t be my congressman anymore.


    Now we’ll probably get stuck with some Daly administration hack like Tom Tunney.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Ugh, of course I meant Daley administration (damn that editor!)

  • fredo777

    – impure thoughts –

  • Bitch Republic

    I’m excited about that we’ll have a SEXY Chief of Staff in the White House. ;)

  • Chapeau

    I’ve always had a thing for Rahm!

    He’s definitely a hottie.

  • gothampunk


  • The Milkman

    I need a cold compress.

  • Miley Crisis

    i want to be the meat in an Emauel sandwich.

  • Jim

    whoah, I thought Rahm was hot til I saw Ari! DAY-AM!!!

  • JJJJ

    Anti-Semitic Queerty strikes again. (Hauslaib : What did your New Back Panthers shout at Seligmann? “Dead man walking!”)

  • Mouse

    Huh? How is this anti-semitic? I’m just not seeing it JJJJ…

  • afrolito

    What exactly is a “back panther”??

    Anyway, I thought I was the only one who found Rahm sexy. Back off bitches!


    God I thought Rahm was hot, but his brother of his is off the charts on the hottness scale.

  • Kdogg

    My favorite part about Rahm Emmanuel is that he sent his political foe a dead fish in the mail…. lol!! That’s a man that will get things done.

  • Mike

    It’s so funny, I thought I was the only one that thought the Emmanuels ae hot! I concur with No.13 and 14

  • Phoenix (Rainbow Warrior With His Picket Sign In Hand)

    My mother always told me to marry a nice Jewish boy. How I’d like to make them sing the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’!

  • abcde

    Rahm is so hot.

  • Charles

    Do Have to choose, I’ll take both, one at a time or together…..

  • My View

    @ Fredo777 – I will, as soon as I have seen the birth certificate.

    As things stand the US is getting an illegal alien as president and a Mossad spy as chief of staff. Way to go America!


  • My View

    @ FREDO777 – I have been in a 100% faithful gay relationship for 27 years. I’m a millionaire (Euros) many times over and live my life as I please. I love animals (and help many animal welfare organizations financially) and contribute, with great pleasure, to an organization that helps gay kids to ‘come-out’ and provides shelter for them in cases where they are being thrown-out by their parents. I also speak five languages, fluently, and as I said earlier, live my life as I please.

    So me failing @ life, as you put it, because I tell the TRUTH and HATE liars, seems a bit far fetched don’t you agree?

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society!” Unknown

  • fredo777

    @My View:

    Bully for you.

    I’m sure we could all do w/o the anti-Obama alarmist theatrics, though.

  • My View

    @ FREDO777 –

    Obama, like OJ Simpson, has a lovely smile!

    Obama, like OJ Simpson, is a cold-blooded psychopath!

    Obama will not be president! Because he can’t!

    Ad in Washington post tomorrow:


    You will thank me very soon in helping and having persevered in exposing this crook!

    A lot of ‘queerties’ are going to look the sheep they are when the truth has come out.

  • fredo777

    @My View:

    You’re a nut.

    That is all.


  • MY View

    I see you are censoring again Queerty. You must grasp that censoring the TRUTH will NEVER work and that you will be jointly held responsible when the truth emerges (SOON!).

    I won’t bother you further or read read your propaganda (drivel)! You and your kind are no longer relevant in my life and that of many of my friends. The truth will set us free!!!

  • Mikayla

    @MY View:

    You still fail.

    Rahm eats fools like you for breakfast.

  • My View

    @ Mikayla who said “You still fail.

    Rahm eats fools like you for breakfast.”

    See, I knew he is not human!

    On second thoughts, I don’t think so though. People of his ilk have developed a taste for Palestinian, Iranian, Iraqi and Afghan children under the age of 14 years. Sometimes these non-humans do eat the odd adult though, but I think it only happens when their precision bombing doesn’t hit the nursery or school they were aiming for.

    Fool indeed!

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