Oh Come, Oh Come, (Rahm) Emanuel

Betchya he’s never heard that joke before. So anyway, that photo is not a beer ad from The Advocate, but rather our amazingly handsome Chief-of-Staff-In-Waiting and his equally handsome brother Ari, who is the inspiration for Jeremy Piven’s character on Entourage. No slouch in the inspiration department, Rahm was the template for The West Wing’s Josh Lyman.

Think they’re competitive? I bet they have pick-up games in the yard and have secret names for each other. They are the most attractive fraternal power brokers we have ever seen and we won’t say anything else because Queerty is hoping for a White House invitation/ not to be flagged on a government ‘watch list’.

UPDATE: Wonkette is also obsessed with the brothers Emanuel and just posted a super-fun quiz to determine which brother you are.