‘Oh, Here We Come A-Gay Bashin’

Generally, we just ignore Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church since “Do Not Feed the Trolls” is as good a strategy in real life as it is on the Internets, but this musical video holiday greeting from the church is so entertaining, we had to share. It’s called “Santa Claus Will Take You to Hell” and boy, if you’ve ever wondered what a five year-old sounds like while singing lines like “Don’t leave your kid with this red fright/ Just like a priest, he’ll rape them at night”, mystery solved.

View it after the jump.

I guess I should be really mad at all the nonsensical hate spewed here, but mainly I feel awful for the poor little blonde girl in the video whose recollections of the holidays will be “Oh, yeah– that was the time of year when Mom & Dad made me hold up a sign that read ‘Fag Xmas’ with a picture of Santa being sodomized by the Devil.” These people are sad and misguided– and surprisingly good at harmonizing.