OH NO! Gun Owners Are Stealing Civil Rights Battle From the Gays

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John Pierce is a man who really really likes his Second Amendment. He’s an “open carrier,” showing off his arms at the local Starbucks, and probably children’s soccer games. And he’s going after unlikely allies: gays and lesbians fighting for their rights. It’s the same battle, you see, and he faces harassment from haters all the time. But should gun owners just keep their disgusting behavior behind closed doors?

“Public displays of protection”? Brilliant.

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  • Motard

    The most effective political trick that the Right has figured out the past two decades is to pretend that somehow they’re the aggrieved, victimized minority.

    A great many of their issues in that time — the pro-lifers, the school prayer diehards, the intelligent designers, the tea-partiers, the Perotistas — have managed to borrow a playbook from the civil rights era of the 60’s and placed their positions as issues of social justice.

    Even now, for all Obama’s faults, they’ve managed to somehow unironically portray him as The Man.

  • Fitz

    Hey, i am one of both. In this world, a fag who can’t defend himself is a victim.

  • ousslander

    whats disgusting about owning a gun legally?

  • Robert

    OUSSLANDER, it is disgusting to liberals who seek to find a scapegoat for social ills rather than challenging the institutions that cause them. Guns don’t cause crime, it is poverty and income inequality. Liberals don’t want to challenge capitalism which breeds these things, they rather wish to make it more humane. America has high gun ownership and high crime, but we also have the most extreme levels of income disparity in the industrialized world. Gun control is merely a feel good masturbation issue that doesn’t address anything but makes people think they are doing something.

  • Robert

    I am not a conservative btw, I am a leftist. Leftists are not liberals.

  • Jake the libertarian

    @Fitz: I am a big gay gun owner myself. :D

  • jimmy

    i love cennac! Cennac FTW!

  • chris

    we’re in people! We’re finally one of the ‘cool’ persecuted minorities whom everyone wants to compare themselves to!

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