thou doth protest

Oh, Shut It. None of You Are Quitting Facebook

Facebook’s data mining may be able to predict whether you’re going to break up. And it may be giving your names to advertisers in violation of its own privacy policy. And it may have let any of your friends spy on your chats. But estimates that some 60 percent of you are “considering” (what a weak term) leaving the site over privacy concerns is a stupid indicator of how many of you will actually ditch the site. And my guess is: About 1 percent of you. Maybe.

Am I wrong? Are you so up in arms over your privacy that you’re going to leave a social networking service that you’ve voluntarily provided with all your personal details and secrets? Were you think upset when major cities started setting up video cameras on street corners?

Prove me wrong. If you’re actually quitting Facebook on Quit Facebook Day (May 31)– that means deleting your account, not just refusing to sign in again — then post a link to your profile below, and I’ll check back on June 1 to see if it still exists. If it does, you’re buying me a steak, faker.

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