Oh Snap: Queer Occupy Wall Street To Occupy HRC’s Gala At The Waldorf-Astoria

Yesterday, a branch of Occupy Wall Street calling itself “Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Occupy Wall Street” announced that it was protesting the Human Rights Campaign Gala on Saturday at New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel because the HRC was honoring Goldman Sachs.

In a statement to the press, the group explained:

“The Queer Caucus condemns HRC’s decision to honor Goldman Sachs in a time of financial collapse caused by their unethical business practices and greed, and deplores the use of our cause and suffering for corporate public relations. HRC honoring Goldman Sachs at this time reveals all one needs to know about the corporate LGBT lobby, and its disconnect from the 99% and the LGBT people it purports to represent.”

The Caucus also took HRC to task for failing to get any federal non-discrimination laws passed and “not even fil[ing] a bill for equal non-discrimination protections” under current civil-rights laws. “Equality and non-discrimination are universal values that define basic human dignity” says attorney and grassroots activist Todd Fernandez, “It is our civic duty as Americans to protect and respect the LGBT community immediately.”

While gala attendees are shelling out $650 for fine dining and the chance to rub shoulders with bigwigs, QLGBTIQA2ZOWS is offering a “guerrilla potluck” outside on Park Avenue. “Bring flashlights,” the flyer advises.

We support these activists’ desire to bring a grassroots element back to the gay movement, and can understand their frustration with Big Gay, but do they know who they’re up against?

Anna Wintour is getting an award that night. Anna. Fucking. Wintour.

That bitch has had blood thrown on her, shot down editorial coups, and seen her life threatened by people with serious mental illnesses (designers, photographers, models, etc).

We doubt she’ll even look down as her Louboutins smush right through a plate of quinoa and broccoli.

Good luck with that, folks!

Photos: Captain Catan, Act on Principles, James G. Howes,

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  • QJ201

    HRC = Corporate Whores. There isn’t a corporate dick (or pussy) they wouldn’t suck to gain access to “power.”

  • Raquel

    Omg, it the poor gays that don’t know how to save money cause they spend it all on drugs against the rich gays that kiss the asses of famous people. Barf. There’s people dying in Africa and people need to get a life

  • MikeE

    @Raquel: you realize how stupid and stereotypical your comment really is, yes?

    I could respond to your comment with: hey, if the people in Africa are starving, all they have to do is MOVE TO WHERE THE FOOD IS.

    Not all poor people… and I daresay, very FEW poor people… are poor because they “don’t know how to save money” and “spend it all on drugs”.

    Wow, and we wonder how the teabagging movement survives? It’s because of people like this Raquel.

  • Mike UK

    @Raquel: well let the 1% send some of their ill gotten gains to africa to feed the dying people!

  • me

    Yay! Even longer acronyms!

  • heydrichmuller

    @me: Yeah like the Glee Club, auditions were held and EVERYBODY got in by the looks of it. Yuck!

  • JayKay

    So instead of regular old worthless, leftist, socialist scumbags throwing a temper tantrum, now we have to put up with worthless, leftist, “queer,” socialist scumbags throwing a temper tantrum and coming up with even more ridiculous acronyms.

    I mean LGBTIQA2Z………………….No, fuck off. What the fuck.

  • Cam

    @Raquel: said…

    “There’s people dying in Africa and people need to get a life”

    Nice try Troll. That is exactly the tactic that the bigots use to try to prevent gay rights bills from going through. “Oh, there are so many OTHER important things to worry about.”

    Additionally, you may want to read some news once in a while, there are people starving HERE in this country, and your comment is tired.

  • Kev C

    I don’t support the Occupy crowd and I don’t like them pinkwashing their lame and unfocused protest movement. They aren’t protesting for lgbt equality, equal rights, justice, or for the rights of gay workers, more of whom work in white-collar jobs than blue-collar ones. And I doubt OWS will become activists for those lgbt causes, but they want to use gays for their lost causes. Fuck no.

  • the crustybastard

    FTFA: “…because the HRC was honoring Goldman Sachs.”

    Oh, for fuck’s sake!

    Did that entire feckless organization have a brain tumor for breakfast?

    If I could choose to be straight, I would consider doing so only to maximize my disassociation from the odious HRC.

  • ?

    @Kev C: More gays in white collar jobs than blue? I doubt it. Gay people are 10% of the population that cuts across all boundaries of class, race, occupation, and religion. 10% of steel workers, garbage men, shoe shiners, bus drivers, fast-food cooks, etc are gay and they all have their own unique issues. To make things worse, in NYC half of the homeless youth population are LGBTQ. Just because some gay people have been very financially and politically successful doesn’t mean we can ignore what the majority are going through.

  • keith bost

    Gay straight, indifferent. Religain? who cares? Nature will show you how puny you are.

  • keith bost

    Why so much hate? Next we will be against Blacks and other minorities. 7 billion people. all have different dna
    Think about that for awhile.

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