Oh, So This Is Why the Gay Film Industry Sucks So Bad?

“At one point [the industry] was really vibrant because every single gay film being made was brave – it was a political act and a statement,” says film director David Kittredge at the Brisbane Queer Film Festival. “I think that along the way, some people have realised that you can make money off good-looking guys on screen without their shirts, to the point where [narrative driven films] get some push backs from festivals who are in it for the money and not for the cinema. They just wanted an excuse to have an after-party.”

What? Lies:

For the record, Kittredge directed the film Pornography: A Thriller, a film about porn in which shirtless men in bed, shirtless men on stage, shirtless men strapped onto tables, naked men in adult video booths, naked men in showers, naked men running down hallways, and naked men in coitous appear.

Not that we’re saying it’s bad!