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Oh Thank God: They Kept the Gay Romance Alive in the New Phillip Morris Trailer

Unlike, say, the commercial trailer for Tom Ford’s A Single Man, the new trailer for Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor’s love-dramedy I Love You Phillip Morris makes no attempt to hide the fact that this movie is about two dudes falling in love. And in creating the trailer to be seen by American audiences, there’s no hiding the gay romance elements: Meeting in prison (holding hands!). Exiting prison (with a bear hug!). Moving in together. But yes, since Morris first debuted at Sundance, and in the ensuing months as it struggled to find a distributor (it did: Consolidated Pictures Group) and then a release date (it did: March 26), the marketing has been slightly de-gayed. For the better!

As you’ll see from watching one of the original trailers below — which was actually created for the international audience — the stereotypical gay elements have been yanked. Gone is the “I’M GAY!!” coming out scene; gone is the South Beach(?) shirtless stroll with pocket dogs; gone is the “gay gay gay” narration; and gone is the “I became a con man because I realized I was gay” narrative, which was sort of ridiculous to begin with. In its place in the trailer: More focus on the love story between Carrey and McGregor’s characters, which comes off as full of theatrics, but also adorable.

Though we would’ve loved to see the man-on-man smooch make the final cut.

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  • scott ny'er

    that first trailer… man, my reaction was… this movie sucks. I’d never see that movie.

    the 2nd trailer, international one… that was more interesting. I’d contemplate seeing it. Carrey didn’t come off as annoying as he did in the first one. I can’t STAND Carrey, and the first trailer showed his Carreyisms. The second one downplayed it.

    I also love how explicit the 2nd one was. Other countries just don’t have America’s sexual baggage.

  • romeo

    I’ve never heard of this pic before. Looks like a hoot!

  • Lukas P.

    Huge fan of McGregor (great acting and a nude scene in Greenaway’s PillowBook), and only can handle Carrey in homeopathic doses, or as Scott NY’er says, when he loses the “Carreyisms.” Agreed that the second trailer is better. I can’t speak for all European cinema, but in the northern regions where I took my first steps, this would be marketed as a love story, rather than as a “gay movie.” My grandmother would see this, as would my great granddad; the former because she likes cute guys and the latter because he was a sentimentalist at heart.

    Still, would rather see Jude Law than Carrey in this!

  • fatty cupcake

    Saw the film at Palm Springs Film Festival this week. Stick to the trailers. Carrey unbearable. A few laughs but at who’s expense here… but majority of audience liked it. I had problems with the film’s characters. Not likable at all. Did I mention it stars Jim Carrey.

  • Lexxvs

    I think I’m gonna watch the movie. Sometime. Yes, it’s true that Jim’s “”Carreyisms” are sometimes hard to bear and that he’s a little old to act like a teen, but I guess that they asked him to be the comedy guy for this one. Ewan, don’t find him convincing in the trailer with his “campy mode”, don’t know.

  • Bob Lablah

    Can’t wait till March 26th. Finally Jim Carrey is in something that you really what to see and might NOT regret NOT catching the matinee discounted showing of it.

  • Yuki

    The second trailer actually looked really funny, and made me interested in the movie. The first one made it look absolutely terrible.

  • IAmHeAsYouAreHe

    The knock to A Single Man is off the mark . The film’s trailer portrays homosexuality just as it is portrayed in the film itself, during 60’s Cold War era LA when homosexuality is particularly taboo, solitary, transgressive, alive, dark, clandestine.

    When I saw the trailer the first time I thought, “Wow I’ve got to remember to watch this stylish gay movie with Colin Firth whenever it comes out.” How could you miss the “gay”? And if middle America did, it’s all the better they stumble into the movie and get shocked (errr…educated).

  • Bob Lablah

    After thinking back about Carrey I always thought his Vera di’Milo character on In Living Color was a good idea for a silly summer movie. It would seem a hit if Jamie Foxx would be willing to bring in Wanda the Ugly Girl and back her up with Sha Nay Nay and Martin Lawrence.

    Wow what a movie. Tell Blaine and Antwon to get in the gym and start slimming down.

  • Michael vdB

    It is like two different movies watching the two different clips.

  • OhYeah

    Oh oh, this looks reaaaaally bad…

  • TheInsider

    Is Jim Carrey ever capable of making a good movie?

  • PADude

    TheInsider: Occasionally, but you have to watch very, very closely. Alcohol helps.

    Also, is it just me or in the second clip…the mustachioed fellow looks like he’s thinking, “Finish up, Project Runway is almost on.”

  • Johnny Underscore

    Love those mesh briefs Jim Carrey wears in that scene. Nice.

  • derrr

    ewan is so completely adorable its not even funny.

  • Dr. Faustus

    another crappy, shitty movie with straight guys playing gay. And Carrey making $20 million for this garbage.

  • MaxH

    Wow, I apparently got a completely different feel out of the movie that everyone else did – I’m totally looking forward to this movie! I liked the first trailer better, and Ewan is just tasty looking (and sounding).

  • schlukitz

    Some of Carrey’s movies, I regretted seeing, but this one, I think I might like, if for no other reason, than to get the audience’s reaction of him walking down the prison corridor wearing the mesh briefs. That’s gotta be a hoot. lol

  • LegoManiac

    This is going, straight – or, gay? – to DVD.

  • RootieK

    I saw another gay romantic comedy at the Palm Springs Film Festival called “Is It Just Me?”. That unassuming film swept me off my feet. It deserves much greater attention than this film.

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