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Oh Thank God: They Kept the Gay Romance Alive in the New Phillip Morris Trailer

Unlike, say, the commercial trailer for Tom Ford’s A Single Man, the new trailer for Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor’s love-dramedy I Love You Phillip Morris makes no attempt to hide the fact that this movie is about two dudes falling in love. And in creating the trailer to be seen by American audiences, there’s no hiding the gay romance elements: Meeting in prison (holding hands!). Exiting prison (with a bear hug!). Moving in together. But yes, since Morris first debuted at Sundance, and in the ensuing months as it struggled to find a distributor (it did: Consolidated Pictures Group) and then a release date (it did: March 26), the marketing has been slightly de-gayed. For the better!

As you’ll see from watching one of the original trailers below — which was actually created for the international audience — the stereotypical gay elements have been yanked. Gone is the “I’M GAY!!” coming out scene; gone is the South Beach(?) shirtless stroll with pocket dogs; gone is the “gay gay gay” narration; and gone is the “I became a con man because I realized I was gay” narrative, which was sort of ridiculous to begin with. In its place in the trailer: More focus on the love story between Carrey and McGregor’s characters, which comes off as full of theatrics, but also adorable.

Though we would’ve loved to see the man-on-man smooch make the final cut.

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