Ohio Church Erects Billboards Declaring Being Gay “Is Not A Gift”

If you drive around Toledo, OH, you might get the impression the town is divided about LGBT equality. In April, the Central United Methodist Church posted a billboard declaring that “Being Gay is a Gift From God.” But this week Rev. Tony Scott and his 2,500-member Church on Strayer voiced a counterargument with nine billboards declaring “Being Gay is NOT a gift From God. Forgiveness, Love & Eternal Life are.”

All doctrinal debates should be fought via billboards, dontcha think?

Not surprisingly, the local gay community is none too pleased with Scott’s message. He tells the Toledo Blade:

“I love everyone. There’s nothing on that billboard about hate… I’m getting hate mail from lesbian and gay people, but my point is that I love them too much to let someone believe a lie. I love this city too much to let a lie be sown.”

If Scott loves the city so much, maybe he could have directed the substantial money he shelled out for all those billboards toward a homeless shelter, city park or community project.

Actions speak louder than words, even if the letters are ten feet tall.


Source: Toledo Blade via On Top Magazine