Ohio GOP Under Fire For Anti-Gay Attack Mailer

Ohio’s Congressional elections are turning downright despicable.

The Buckeye State’s Republican party recently sent out this flier declaring that Democratic candidate Ray Pryor, a Democratic candidate for the Ohio House, supports gay adoption. Such a stance, of course, is baaaad.

From the mailer:

Ray Pryor doesn’t want to raise Ohio’s children in the best environment. Instead, he supports same sex couples adopting our children. But our children need a mother and a father to thrive.

Vote no on gay adoption. Vote no on Ray Pryor.

The other side of the flier includes an endorsement of incumbent Republican John Schlichter and declares,

He supports our conservative family values. Schlichter knows the best environment to raise a happy and healthy child involves a mother and father. And John Schlichter knows that strong families mean a strong Ohio.

While the GOP may have thought their effort quite clever, Public Children Services Association of Ohio blasted the mailer, and called the politicization of children “shameful.” A press release reads:

As a statewide leader in child welfare and adoption, we deeply regret the extremely offensive ads running in various legislative races in regards to gay adoption. Politicizing children in this way is shameful.

Far too many children who were maltreated are waiting in temporary placements, celebrating birthdays without a permanent family. At the start of 2008, there were 2,872 Ohio children waiting for safe, loving adoptive homes. Ohio’s adoption and foster care screening and preparation processes were recently reviewed and updated by professionals in the field and the General Assembly with a key focus on child safety and well being. Studies published in 2005 by the American Academy of Pediatrics show that children raised by same sex parents suffered no ill effects; in fact on the whole, those children experienced greater well-being, more nurturing, and a greater tolerance for differences than their peers.

PCSAO opposes any policy that would limit the number of safe families willing to open their hearts and homes, based on sexual orientation. President George Bush recently signed the Fostering Connections to Success & Increasing Adoptions Act (HR 6893). Policy makers across the country have committed support to the Nation’s waiting children. Let us not unravel this commitment to Ohio’s children with negative and divisive policies.

Gay adoption came up during the 2006 election and, at the time, Ohio voters showed profound opposition to a ban: 76% said there should be no prohibitive regulations. Fifty-nine percent of Republicans agreed. Meanwhile, Republican House Speaker Jon Husted came out against a ban that same year. Thus, it would seem Ohio’s GOP isn’t simply out of touch with reality, but with their own constituents. It must be hard for them…