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Ohio High Schoolers’ New School Spirit Cheer: ‘Powder Blue Faggots’


The bleachers of Yankees games aren’t the only place where fans whip out their favorite anti-gay limericks. At North High School in Eastlake, Ohio (home of the Rangers!) “dozens” of students are now on YouTube screaming “powder blue faggots” at the South High competition, who wear blue uniforms. Student Heather Ike recorded the video: “I sat there for a little bit thinking it would stop, and it happened again, and it happened three times.” And for every instance of this type of behavior being recorded and shared with the world, what do you think, maybe there are 500 instances of it going unreported?

[flv: 650 400]

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  • uu

    500? Try five million. Whatever form this kind of nauseating, ultimately self-harming and overall pathetic group behaviour takes, it’s invariably rooted in insecurity. It’s a shame that people aren’t better than that but it is the only adequate explanation for the state the the world is in that I can offer: on average, people suck.

  • Kev C

    From what I’ve read, both of these schools have problems with bullying, racism, homophobia and terrorism (school shooting, bomb threats). Something should be done.

  • Theo

    Hummm….Ohio…Ohio…Wake up and do something. There’s so much ignorance and hate during my visit last month there, and I was surprised that even a College town of Bowling Green does not have non-discrimination ordinaces to protect GLBT people from being fires or kicked out of their employment and apartment. Sad sad situation. But I am glad there is a local campaign going on now and hope we win on that one. PLease check out if you are interested to help.

  • ChrisM

    The amount of people calling this story “political correctness” is really disturbing and frustrating. Homophobia is so deeply ingrained in some people that they don’t see why using the word faggot is offensive and potentially harmful to gay youth, and would rather have little brats say whatever they want without reprimand as opposed to sparing others from mental damage.

    Of course its especially true on the news site of the hometown. They’re all angry that their hick town was exposed as a hick town.

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