Is He Missing Out?

Ohio Man Mulls Mythical “Gay Lifestyle”

We’re kind of in love with this man: Dave Muskera. From what we gather, the Ohio-based former counselor married a woman, had two children, divorced said woman and has now set up shot with his “life partner,” John. In addition to being a great example of queer courage – coming out post-marriage in Ohio can’t be easy – Muskera wrote an adorable critique of the right wing’s rhetorical “gay lifestyle”:

If I read or hear the words “the gay lifestyle” one more time, I’m going to chew nails, or yell like a summa wrestler whose butt’s been kicked. I’m fed up with this phrase and the people who use it… It’s really a meaningless, worse yet, a misleading term. But somehow, the fundamentalist far-right religious camp has actually managed for years to successfully use this phrase in very negative ways to bash homosexuals.

Sometimes, when I see videos of the supposed gay lifestyle, I wonder if [I’m] missing out on something. I wonder if sometime in the near future, the doorbell will ring and I will open it to men in black (tights of course) – sent by the local gay agenda group to yank my gay male credentials because I haven’t been depraved enough.

Eeks! What happens if someone takes your gay credentials? Would you instantly become straight or do you get to ween yourself off the same-sex? Can you imagine the withdrawal?! Also, we think we misplaced our gay credentials. Where does one usually keep such things? (Don’t answer that.)