Ohio State Football Coach Penalizes Poorly Performing Players By Making Them Wear Lavender Jersey

Time to break out your best #ShakingMyHead gif: Mickey Marotti, the new “director of performance” for Ohio State University’s football team has decided that homophobic banter in the locker rooms isn’t enough. He’s penalizing poorly performing players by making them wear a faggy lavender jersey like the one at right.

The Columbus Dispatch‘s Tim May, when covering the story, seems totally clueless as to the punishment’s purplephobia:

If a player fails a couple of times, though, he is singled out—as in, he is handed the lavender shirt, a stain that takes at least a week of renewed gusto to erase.

Oh, the editors over at the Dispatch just love it when Tim May injects his column with a little dose of casual homophobia. Never change, Tim.

To be fair, the team isn’t making its not-up-to-par players sashay around in a shirt that says “homo,” but the shirt sends a pretty clear sign: you play like a gay guy.

“You don’t want to wear those,” senior linebacker Etienne Sabino told May of the purple jerseys. Actually, they look kind of fierce to us. We’d probably wear them next time we go to Boxers or Gym Bar.