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Ohio’s Gay Army Rises up on Wednesday

You know the old saying: “As goes Akron, so goes the nation.”

(It’s right up there with “If you don’t like the weather in Columbus, just wait a few minutes and it’ll change,” and “either those Cleveland drapes go, or I do.”)

The point is, Ohio is on everyone’s mind at all times. But you can be forgiven for having unkind feelings towards the state, since voters banned both marriage and civil unions back in 2004. Holy Toledo! (As they say.)

But now Equality Ohio is putting on their work hats for an intense lobbying blitz throughout the state. They’ve already swarmed Canton, Mt. Vernon, Athens, and Akron, and all that’s left now is Columbus.

Won’t you join them all day Wednesday for Lobby Day for Equality 2011? They’ll be working from 9am to 4pm to pressure legislators into fixing the state’s broken, anti-LGBT laws. And hopefully soon we’ll all be saying, “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in Parma,” or something like that.