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Oiled Up Men Wrestle

While we’re on the subject of male objectification, we recently came across a video of men oil wrestling.

We’re not sure whether the men are straight or gay, but we do know it’s truly a piece of cinematic genius. We also know that penis makes some cameos, so it’s probably best that you don’t watch this at work.

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  • David Hauslaib, Queerty

    Looks like Chris Geary is up to his old tricks.

  • Vincent

    Yeah that is a really old one from Chris Geary, before he became the phenomena he is now. Gay gay gay….he likes to get the boys wrestling, kind of where it all began….yum!!!

  • Maverick69

    Boner !!!!!!!!

    I think I just leaked a little into my draws

    The way wrestling should be.

  • naprem

    Yeah, cuz men fondling each other’s chests, asses and genitals with oil to the sound of hi-nrg dance music in the great outdoors are always straight. Ask that Bob Allen fella.

    And also, phenomena is plural. You meant phenomenon.

  • Vincent

    LOL…infact ROFLOA…..thanks naprem….I just love it when other people feel the need to try and demonstrate some kind of grammatical superiority.Says a lot about them I find! I used the right tense….he…his site…his fella, the Chris geary team.. they are one big business now. It started with just Chris years ago but the brand means a whole lot more…but thanks anyway.

  • Rowen

    I hope it wasn’t too sunny outside because “pale mens + baby oil x hours naked in the sun = lobster”

  • Cyd

    tense is for verbs.

  • Vincent

    Ach….Syd!!!!! I left that door open for naprem,,,,lol!

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