OK. Woman’s Lie Not OK

Way back in December Sara Kaspereit – a twenty-year old lesbian of Ada, Oklahoma – told police that two men beat her up because she’s a lesbian. How could she be so sure? Well, as we pointed out when we originally reported on the seemingly gruesome attack, the attackers allegedly cut “lesbian” in Kaspereit’s arm.

Kaspereit accused the police of not doing enough to investigate homophobic attacks. Upping the ante, local coppers called in the Feds. Experts on such matters, officials soon grew suspicious of Kaspereit’s claim: two men attacked her as she got out of her car. A closer look suggested that Kaspereit had, in fact, attacked herself.

Kaspereit later conceded that she had, in fact, cried hate-crime wolf.

Ada city spokesperson Mark Bratcher commented:

Both the FBI and local police conducted an investigation and ultimately determined the wounds were most likely self-inflicted. Kaspereit admitted that was indeed the case on March 1, almost three months after she initially filed the false report.

Kaspereit has apparently apologized for all the trouble she caused. No charges have been filed against her, even though she committed a misdemeanor. Is it us or does she deserve to be punished?

Now, we’re not the biggest proponents of America’s justice system. It’s corrupt, it’s harsh, it’s ineffective and expensive, but sometimes people need to be punished for their actions. And – we can’t believe we’re writing this – as a lesson to others.

By making this whole thing up, Kaspereit’s not only disgraced people who have faced anti-gay violence, but people who will face anti-gay violence by striking a blow to the legitimacy and seriousness of their assaults. What if a woman in Ada’s attacked next week? Will coppers investigate? Considering Kaspereit’s erroneous claim and the fact that someone pulled a similar stunt late last year, we’re guessing no. What’s more, people who need attention can just say they were attacked and get the FBI paying them a little mind. We’re sure that may feel like quite an accomplishment for some people, but what about all the others?

What about Andrew Anthos? – the 72-year old veteran activist who died last week after being attacked by an unidentified man?

That ain’t fresh, Kaspereit. You deserve, at the very least, community service. And perhaps a psychiatrist.