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Oklahoma City’s Adorable Councilman Brian Walters Doesn’t Want Gays, Pedophiles Marching Down Streets

Raise your hand if you love local politics because it’s a sideshow, and not because it provides fodder for a little sitcom called Parks & Recreation. Here comes Oklahoma City Councilman Brian Walters, who’s furious about the gays once again holding their annual gay pride parade, because who wants to see a bunch of god’s mistakes walk down the street?

Walters, who was the only “no” vote for the pride parade (with seven yes votes), explained his thinking: “I just can’t support that lifestyle based on my beliefs, and stuff.”

Oh, and then he compared gays to child predators and wife beaters: “I don’t want my vote to be construed as support, because I really don’t support that, the same way that I wouldn’t support a group of say pedophiles who wanted to assemble. I would not vote yes on that either, [or] men who beat up their wives. Anything like that.”

But Walters, a self-professed born again Christian, didn’t mean to be a jerk, he says: “It’s not a personal thing. I don’t hate them or anything like that. It’s just something that … a moral conviction of mine that I cannot support.”