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Oklahoma gay bar vandalized two nights in a row

KFOR Screenshot

The owner of a gay club in Oklahoma City closed out 2020 last week by scrubbing the work of vandals off the building and cars parked outside. He also says he knows the identity of the vandal.

KFOR News reports that John McAffrey, the owner of Partners, says employees discovered the vandalism on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

“They came out and somebody vandalized one of the cars in the parking lot with apparently what was soup on it,” McAffrey told KFOR. He also showed pictures of the car, though the “soup” looks a bit more like human vomit.

The next night, the same vandal returned to smear blueberries all over the club’s front door and sidewalk.

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“It was everywhere,” McAffrey said. “We first thought somebody got sick and then once we got closer, we realized that it was, it looks like blueberries.”

“It was completely childish,” McAffrey added. “There’s better ways to handle something if it is targeted at a certain individual but it’s not going to stop us for continuing and having somewhere safe for everyone in the community to come to.”

Fortunately, surveillance video caught the culprit in the act. McAffrey has declined to identify any suspects, other than to say the perpetrator drives a early 2000s Chevy Silverado. He also said he will turn the video over to law enforcement after consulting with an attorney.

“They pull up, throw it out the window, slow down for probably like ten seconds,” McAffrey recalled.

As for a motive, McAffrey only speculates that the vandalism may stem from increased restrictions during COVID-19, which forces the bar to close at 11 pm. McAffrey has also hired a security guard to stand outside the door for the foreseeable future.