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Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Warns GOP: Gay Activists Attempting to Secure Freedom + Equality For All

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern, the raging bigot, keeps refusing to leave office like we asked. So there she sits, trying to do more ridiculous things with her seat like ban divorce for opposite married couples who have children under 18. But now her words are finally coming to haunt her.

Brittany Novotny, an attorney and Kern’s trans challenger, packaged this little ad to show reasonable Oklahoman voters that what Kern fears most is freedom and equality for all. And that homosexuality destroying the nation? Surely Ms. Kern didn’t mean to refer to her own son Jesse, right?

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    This woman is nothing but a vile reprehensive bigoted pandering absolute cunt. She and her Baptist preacher man husband disowned and tossed their son out of their home and lives for being Gay………..

    “Its deadly, Its spreading and its destroying young people” Pretty much sounds like she is refering to the hatred and intolerance she and her husband spewed on their own son……..

  • Greg

    What does it say about me that the only reason I need there to be a God is so there will be a Hell Sally can go to?

  • Queer Supremacist

    As if we need another reason to oppose the cancer that is Christianity.

  • Enron

    Her son is a hottie. Shame on her!

  • ewe

    Homosexuals acting in secret? And “they” are all millionaires too? lol

  • ewe

    I would be more than happy to settle down with one of those secretive millionaire homosexuals. Where the hell are “they”? Give me an address and telephone number Sally.

  • tjr101

    Just luv that ad, the amityville like theme song really did it. Sally Kern is a demonic fool!

  • Jim D

    In an interview in 2008 Jessie denied that he was gay and stated that he was celibate. Whatever.

    The beauty of this is that she could be that stupid. She just doesn’t even get it, those damn gays wanting Freedom and Equality for All.

  • S

    Ban divorce for opposite married couples who have children under 18?

    This woman is approaching Michelle Bachmann territory.

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