Older Gay Men Won’t Give You Their Parking Space? Just Knock Out Their Teeth

California’s coveted Parents of the Year award undoubtedly goes to 24-year-old Russell Bates and 19-year-old Abigail Sheehy who beat the everliving fuck out of two gay men aged 45 and 63 in front of their four-year-old child. The fight started over a parking spot that elevated when the gay men started snapping pictures of the couple. Together Bates and Sheehy knocked out one man’s teeth and broke his jaw—teamwork makes the dream work! They also got charged with battery causing serious bodily injury, child abuse, and a felony hate crime for shouting anti-gay slurs while beating up two older men. Their now undoubtedly traumatized kid has been taken by Child Protective Services to a relative where he’ll grow up knowing never to let elderly fags tell him where to park—thanks mom and dad!