Old Spice’s Marketing Strategy: Make Fun of Men Who Act Femme

Can marketers engage in gender stereotypes without offending the PC police? Doubtful! So let’s see if Old Spice’s new ad for men’s bodywash can get away with advising American women not to let their men go another day smelling feminine.

That men do manly things, and women do womenly things, is the basis for about 94 percent of television advertising (by our rough, unscientific estimate). Diamonds are forever? Way to stereotype women’s wants! Drinking light beer makes you look like a sissy? Sorry, masculine reinforcement!

So where does this Old Spice ad fall in? Released on Thursday, before the Super Bowl, the very handsome fella delivering the lines tells ladies to look at their failure of a boyfriend, who’s been making himself smell like a lady by using their bodywash, and demand he start using a more masculine (scented) product.

Because men acting like women should be ridiculed and shamed — and cajoled into buying a product that does the exact same thing but smells a little different. And when you’re done with that, straight ladyfolks, do as you’re told and raise your right hand.