Another Gay Web Series

Older Gay Guys Are Looking For Love But Sometimes Just Younger Tricks

Have you ever fantasized about turning your real-life ups and downs into a miniseries? The wacky brainchild of out gay actor Leon Accord, the Old Dogs & New Tricks web series is now in its third season of whimsical comedic melodrama following the lives of four fifty-something Hollywood industry gays played by Accord, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Curt Bonnem and David Pevsner. Revolving mainly around their lives as actors, agents, etc. the show includes a steady stream of amusing guest stars like this past week’s drop-in sub-lebrity Rutanya Alda (yes, she played the housekeeper Carol Ann in Mommie Dearest) and over-the-top actor Bruce L. Hart. And yes, parts of the plot involve these older dogs dating some younger tricks — but all in the most wholesome gay comedy context. Catch up on the first two episodes of this season now (last week’s season premiere co-stars comedian Mo Gaffney) and tune in for the special Thanksgiving episode this coming Wednesday. You can also find the first two seasons on Hulu or WolfeOnDemand.