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Olivia Harrison Has 1 Too Many Mommies For Texas Episcopal Church’s School

Olivia Harrison, the daughter of Jill and Tracy, whom married in Canada in 2006, was told days before the school year begins Monday that she isn’t wanted at the Episcopal Church’s St. Vincent’s School in Bedford, Texas, because she has two mommies.

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“It’s hard to believe that a place that’s supposed to take in and teach children about God and the basics of religion would actually discriminate against her because of who we are,” says mother Tracy. Counters Kenneth Monk, head of the school: “We are a church affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America, and it is their policy that we don’t provide services to individuals or families that do not behave properly. We’re going off our canons that say ‘The Anglican Church in North America affirms our Lord’s teaching that the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is in its nature a union permanent and lifelong of one man and one woman.” This brings to four the number of times Monk’s school has denied admission to the children of same-sex parents.

And as such, their children might as well be the offspring of Satan!

On the upside, the Harrisons can become pen pals with the Boulder family whose son was banned from a Catholic pre-school. Maybe they can play online Scrabble together, that’s educational.