Olly Alexander is ready to wear some colored tights

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Still hot off the success of the Channel 4/HBO drama It’s a Sin, Olly Alexander of Years & Years has announced his latest ambition: he wants to play a gay superhero.

In a new interview with The Big Top 40, Alexander revealed that he wants to continue acting, though the roles he’s been offered in the wake of It’s a Sin don’t quite live up to his aspirations.

“I’ve been sent a few scripts,” Alexander told host Will Manning. “It’s going to be difficult to top the experience I had [on It’s a Sin],” he added.

“I don’t have any plans at the moment,” he later clarified. “I still want to have magic powers in something, or you know play like a really messed up, gay superhero or something.”

Manning then said he didn’t believe that had ever been done in a film or TV show. Actually, we would point out that “messed up gay superheroes” have appeared in both the film and TV adaptations of Watchmen.

But we digress. We could totally see Alexander donning some bright tights to take on villains and save the world. Maybe Alexander should meet up with Greg Berlanti, the dynamo producer behind The CW superhero cavalcade?

Alexander appeared earlier this year in the AIDS drama It’s a Sin, written and produced by Russell T. Davies. The show earned rave reviews and set new viewership records for Channel 4 in the UK.