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Olympic diver Chris Mears visits Cosmo office in tiny Speedo; staff goes bananas

Did a piece with @bbcradio1 about 24hrs in the life of me and @JackLaugher! You can check it out in an hour! ??

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This week, Olympic diver/DJ Chris Mears pranced through the hallways of Cosmopolitan magazine in just a Speedo and gold medal, leaving the airy staff to gush effusively and just be very OMFG/LOLZ about the whole thing.

“What makes Cosmo so fun and great,” crows fashion editor Adam Mansuroglu, “is that we have sex toys behind our desks. We talk about your period. Cosmo is a magazine that’s known for fun energy and excitement and life!”

Mears got to experience that fun energy firsthand:

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You can watch the whole clip over at E News.

He’s also interviewed by this peculiar Cosmo staffer, who apparently can’t get over the fact that Mears “literally” won a Gold medal, literally.

For some reason, Mears decided to be fully clothed for this interview:

As an added bonus, you can watch Mears play “Innuendo Bingo” in just a Speedo below: