Olympic Pole Vaulter’s Leaked Nude Pics Reveal An Olympic Pole In His Pants

Andrew-ZollnerIt’s been a while since a world-class athlete had naked photos of their impressive, world class junk leaked all over the internet’s quivering, expectant chest. So hello, pole vaulter Andrew Zollner. Thanks for taking us to the weekend on a high note. A very low-hanging high note.

Gay Daily Hot, which has the full NSFW version, claims the leaked pics are of Zollner, though the dude’s face is barely recognizable (but who’s looking at the face — ladies, amirite?). But seriously, it’s 2013, who uses a flip phone to take naked selfies anymore? Get with the times, possibly championship pole vaulter Andrew Zollner.

Of course, in this case, the key phrase may be quantity over quality. Gay Daily Hot also provides some supporting evidence of Zollner’s lycra-trouser pole in various forms of vaulting, so even if the naked dude in the pics isn’t Zollner, we at least know what to expect:



Yeah, that’s about right.

UPDATE: It probably is him.