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Olympic Speed Skater Blake Skjellerup Picked the Wrong Month to Come Out

Speed skater Blake Skjellerup, of New Zealand, comes out in a DNA interview this month, where he says at the Vancouver Olympics (where he made it only to the quarterfinals) he had no problem walking around hand-in-hand with his boyfriend. Pardon the world if they’re too busy with something else to pay much mind.

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    Total kutie! Glad he found something less dangerous to put in his mouth!! :-p

  • Mike L.

    OMG LOL he was born in CHRISTCHURCH, NZ HAHAHAHA! The irony, what kind of ppl name a town that geez.

    Good for him though coming out while still an active athlete.

  • AlwaysGay

    More famous gay people have come out in the last six months than ever before. Chely Wright, Ricky Martin, Sean Hayes, Gareth Thomas, Donal Og Cusack, The Amazing Randy, Dominik Dunne and now Blake Skjellerup have all come out recently. I couldn’t be happier for all of them.

  • Kieran

    I don’t know how to rate this story. If rating Blake Skjellerup, his coming out and holding hands with his bf at the Vancouver Olympics, I’d give it a definite ‘More Please’. But if rating the dismissive editorial spin queerty put on this story it would be a ‘Fail’.

  • Baxter

    @AlwaysGay: I think you’re seriously stretching the definition of “famous”…

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    Glad to see another athlete come out. Glad to see another person come out. Read parts of his interview, he’s sharp. Hopefully he’s young and driven enough to come back in 2014.

  • Mike L.

    @Mike L.: Correction while looking at google maps, it looks like a city, but then again it was a town at some point in it’s beginning.

  • Philip

    By Pardon the “world” do you mean USA? Cause homestly, here in Canada, we can read stories about more than one person coming out and not have our brains overload.

    Congrats, Blake!

  • [email protected]

    Your assumption Queerty, would be that people come out publicly for publicity reasons.

    How dreadfully cynical.

    Sometimes people come out because its part of their journey, not part of their dull Country & Western I-tunes release strategy.

  • Fitz

    Part of this seems so trivial today, but when I think back on ancient history, (like when I was 13, 14).. knowing who was gay was really important to me. Good for him.

  • OhYeah

    Is he related to the volcano in Iceland?

  • Mike L.

    I just have to say it, I’d love to’ve been that iceskate he’s holding-I’m sure that’s why Q picked that picture, then again I could only find one good other pic of him on google lol glad they picked this one ;)

    Very attractive guy, and no doubt a dedicated athlete.

  • AlwaysGay

    I forgot to mention Jennifer Lynn Knapp and Daniel Steven Kowalski also came out in the last six months which makes ten.

  • Wy

    Wow you mean he did something of note more recently than 1999? Who would have thought!

    I find this much more interesting than… than… uh…

  • EdWoody

    He certainly wasn’t down the sauna while I was in Van for the Olympics.

  • OompaLoompa

    Ugly nose.

  • Michael David

    he isn’t american so he doesn’t need the drama to raise his profile :P
    c’mon, just be happy he is now open about him being who he is!

  • Todd

    No. 3, Dominik Dunne??? The Vanity Fair guy who died last summer?

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