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Olympic swimmer Lawrence Keith Frostad describes homophobic attacks by fellow athletes

“I came out in 1991 at the World Championships. I was training with the Women’s Texas Longhorns Aquatics with (Coach) Mark Schubert and they were great. The girls there protected me but the guys on that team were really rough. I was in their locker room for about three days before they were like ‘we can’t handle him being in here’. So I moved to the public locker room, which was fine, I was more comfortable there anyway. There were a couple of guys on that team that made my life very miserable. I remember one practice I was leaving with Amy Shaw. We were leaving the swimming pool and out onto the parking lot and one of the male swimmers tried running me over, apparently you got ten points for running a gay guy over. It was that sort of thing and someone keyed ‘f*****’ in my car.

People were shooting paint pellets at me from bushes when I’d leave, so it was not easy. Some of the guys were great, some of them were nice, there were just a couple that really let me have it.”— Olympic Swimmer Lawrence Keith Frostad speaking with Nuts & Bolts Sports about the homophobia he encountered in the swimming community. Head here for the full interview.

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