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OMFG: Gay guys share their dating app horror stories

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Dating apps. They can be a lot of fun. They can also be a huge pain in the ass. And sometimes they can be downright scary.

Vice recently asked gay men for their dating app horror stories. As you can imagine, people had quite a few to share. The stories involved everything from unexpected nose bleeds to mud fights to spiders to chloroform.

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Two stories really stick out from the bunch. Here’s a little summary of each:


Chris, age 30, says he narrowly escaped being chloroformed by two very bossy boyfriends:

I once organized a threesome through a dating app. When I arrived, we all headed straight to the shower to “warm up.” Eventually, things moved into the bedroom. Everything was going great until I noticed that both my partners were trying to pin me down and stop me from moving, which I found quite strange.

Yeah, we’d say that’s kinda strange. It got even stranger when Chris says one of the guys tried to “chloroform me into sexual submission.”

Butt naked, I got up and ran into the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife I could find. I then ran into the bathroom where my clothes were, got changed, and stuffed the knife into my back pocket. I knew I couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever, so I unlocked the door and ran straight for the front door.

23-year-old Jasper tells Vice had almost witnessed a man die during a hookup:

 I ended up talking to a guy I met online. When I arrived at his place, I discovered his partner was sleeping in the next room. I ignored this vital piece of information, while my “date” pulled out a bottle of poppers.

With the man’s partner asleep in the next room, Jasper and his date decided to take a shower, where they continued doing poppers until the man “collapsed on the stone floor.”

With his eyes wide open, staring right back at me, he started to convulse. Obviously, I began to panic, thinking, F*ck! I’m in a shower with someone I don’t know, and he’s dying—what am I going to tell the police?

To make a long and horrifying story short, Jasper asked the dying man if he should wake his boyfriend up. The man shook his head no. As his date “slowly started coming back to life,” Jasper hastily made his exit.

You know what happens next, right? We want to hear about your dating app horror stories. Share your experiences in the comments below, but try to keep ’em clean…

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