OMM Takes Down “Green Lantern Is Gay” Post After Too Many Positive Comments

Our good friends at One Million Moms are none-too-thrilled that DC Comics is making Green Lantern gay (well, one of them, anyway).

So they posted a “warning” on their Facebook page that linked to a news story about the homo superhero.

But when almost all of the comments were in support of DC’s move, OMM deleted the post.

David Badash of The New Civil Rights Movement writes:

When I happened upon the posting, it seemed that there were more than 100 comments, but when I tried to access the post on its individual page, it came up with an error message: “The page you requested was not found.” (Original link here.)

I went back to the main One Million Moms Facebook page, noticed there were now only 83 comments, clicked to access the post’s individual page again, took a screen shot, but noticed there were only a few dozen comments.

I went back to the main One Million Moms Facebook page again, and noticed the post was gone.

Badash surmises the page administrator first tried to delete positive comments about the story, and then just axed the whole post.

In addition to being decades behind on cultural values, OMM is showing they’re woefully dated when it comes to the ins and outs of social media.