Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle

On Christmas—Or Any Time—Sparkle Is A Gay’s Best Friend

Many of you will say, ‘Brian, Sparkle is not really a color.’ And I will say, ‘Who the fuck are you and why are you speaking to me? Security!’

Sparkle may not be a color but it is a state of mind. It is the shining extravagance that lusters the greatest diamond. It is the light flickering off the iris of the warm body staring back at you in bed. It is the shimmy of jazz hands as they step-ball-change their way across the stage of a Fosse retrospective. It is the pop of color of a perfectly chosen pair of socks as they peek out between shoe and hem. It is the rain as it taps the cone of light under a streetlamp. Sparkle is everything you love in life and everything you ever need. It is sparkle: both invisible and ever present. It will color your entire universe.

Brian Moylan, on why sparkle is one of his favorite things, in Gawker.