ON DVD: John Carter, Private Romeo, Bear Nation And More!

Space operas and military cadets and bears, oh my! New to DVD and Bluray this week are a slew of vastly different yet highly entertaining films and TV shows: A musclebound warrior in the form of Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch wrestles with giant space monsters in John Carter, French film Tomboy features a switch of sexes for a 10-year old girl; homoeroticism lights up at an all-male military school in the Shakespearean Private Romeo (above); and producer Kevin Smith brings the bear community together in documentary Bear Nation.

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  • MikeE

    I really enjoyed John Carter. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a LOT more fun than many other films that went on to make fortunes *coughtwilightcough*.

    Disney epically erred with their advertising strategy for the film. They are responsible in large part for their own misfortune.

  • Larry McD

    Taylor Kitsch “musclebound”???? You really need to get out more.

  • RK

    Private Romeo – excellently done. Finally a gay film worth watching.

  • patrick Maxcy

    loved John Carter…the story was written at the turn of the century…long before space travel and life on other planets were even talked about…film was much better than critics said…and Taylor Kitsch was great….Disney did a poor job with its advertising strategy…really like this film

  • MikeE

    @patrick Maxcy: Totally agree with you.
    It’s such a shame so few people saw the film, and that those who did didn’t appreciate that they were watching the story that inspired ALL other sci-fi space-opera stories.
    It’s also a crying shame that we probably won’t get the rest of the story (sequels) that COULD have been made.

    I thought Kitsch did a great job. Admittedly, he may not be the greatest actor, but he is certainly convincing enough! And of course, he isn’t too hard on the eyes.

  • Brad007

    Taylor Kitsch = box office poison.

  • Jay

    Bear Nation is a shitty film and it’s embarrassing towards everyone that’s LGBT!

  • Neal

    LMAO of course that closeted bisexual Kevin Smith made Bear Nation, which was a not so good documentary about how cliquey and shitty the whole “Bear” fashion is nowadays and has been for the last two decades.

  • Eric

    I happened to catch War Stories at this past year’s Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  What a fantastic film!  The cast was quite good and I didn’t see the ending coming (it does a bit of a hard left turn at the end). So happy to see that it’s getting a wider release.

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