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On Just 7 Screens, The Kids Are All Right Is a Blockbuster

The Kids Are All Right, a film where Julianne Moore plays a character who has sexual relations with Annette Bening, took home $505,000 in its opening weekend. That might not sound like a lot, but remember, it played in just seven theaters, which means it averaged $72,143 per screen.

By comparison, Toy Story 3 has grossed $340,200,000 so far, but it played in over 4,000 theaters, averaging a still impressive — but not as impressive $27,385 per screen.

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  • RomanHans

    > Julianne Moore plays a character who has sexual relations with Annette Bening

    Yeah, and in Gone With the Wind Clark Gable plays some dude who screws a chick.

  • Dave

    Wait it was in only 7 theatres!? Oh man, Toronto to the win! (I had no idea it was so limited)

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Julianne Moore plays a character who has sexual relations with Annette Bening

    And Mark Ruffalo, which is why it’s so popular. Bad lezzie finds good man, and becomes straight.

  • ron

    I saw trailers for this movie when I saw Joan Rivers’ last week. Not sure I’m going to see it. You know when you see a trailer and feel like you’ve seen the whole movie? I’m open to being convinced…….By the way, Joan’s movie was excellent!

  • toddinsf

    Julianne Moore’s character does not ‘become straight’. She even says as much in the film. Furthermore, it hardly paints Mark Ruffalo’s character as a ‘good man’ by the end.

    Really, the movie is wonderful (saw it this weekend) & does a superb job of showing the complexities of love, relationships, & life. The acting in wonderful (of course), & I was really impressed with the writing of the dialogue – each character’s phrasings were really distinct, something too often lacking IMO.

    I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

  • Mike

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Not really… she doesn’t really “turn straight” in the end and I think its more of a comment on the fluid nature of sexuality, which is a pretty constant theme throughout the movie actually.

  • rolph

    saw it over the weekend in LA. Theater was packed. The usher even said, “this is obviously the movie to see this weekend.” I’m a guy, didn’t like it AT ALL. Didn’t mind the lesbian theme, didn’t mind the teenage kids wanting to find their dad. It’s a very current story. I just didn’t think Annette and Julianne were convincing as a long term committed couple. The chemisty between the two of them was FLAT, and the chemistry with the 2 kids wasn’t any better. They were all boring, and again I use the description of the relationship & interaction between them all as FLAT.
    I’d be interested in hearing female reaction to Annette and Julianne’s character watching gay male porn to get them off because, “lesbian porn is often just straight women put together for heterosexual guys and it’s just not authentic.” Gay men get off on 2 straight guys fucking all the time.
    I also don’t buy that once Julianne got a piece of Mark Ruffalo’s dick, she just couldn’t get enough, and kept going back over and over. Kind of a slap in the face to lesbians.

    I can imagine the backlash if it were 2 gay men and one of the guys started having a relationship wih a woman after they’d been together for 20 years…….

    Just didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Isn’t it funny that sexuality is always “fluid” when it’s gay characters? I’ll buy this argument when Hollywood produces a movie about a married straight man desperate for cock, and it doens’t get played off like some shameful scandal, that must be excused away. It’s always lesbians secretly gagging for cock, or closeted gay men on the down low.

  • Jeffree

    Saw the movie, thought acting was solid, & didnt see a false note in the relationship between Bening & Moore.

    Lisa Cholodenko [director] kept it un-fussy & real.

    See it!

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