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On the Mind of Michael Musto: Why Do Closeted Gay Gays Pair Up With Asian Women?

Trend alert! “Before you call the p.c. police, let me state that not all men who date Asian women are closeted nellies. But a whole LOT of times when I see a swishy guy clinging to the arm of a woman in public, the gal happens to be Asian! It’s an age-old stereotype, but it often turns out to be true, and I still can’t figure out why this combination is so damned popular! Do Asian women not complain when their man can’t get it up?” Not surprisingly, this has been covered before — sans the gay factor. [Musto]

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  • Jeremy

    This is such a bullshit thing to say.


    Musto’s pointlessness continues unabated!

  • Qjersey

    I can think of at least 3 examples of this I have seen firsthand.

  • OrchidIslander

    Some Asian chick must have put you in your place or kicked your butt or took your man for you to come up with this drivel.

    Kudos for the journalistic brilliance in hyper linking a supporting article which did not support your inane and totally unnecessary piece at all.

    A complete waste of time.

    This person continues to prove that some people should not have access to media in any form to vent their views.

  • Devon

    As both a gay and as an Asian let me just say, what the hell is this shit?

  • JasonB

    The gay brunch crowd and I were just talking about this the other day. We determined it’s because Asian women are generally flat-chested and slightly exotic [in the mind of a closeted homo].

    Don’t yell at me!

  • Hilarious

    @Devon: Race baiting black people is no longer viewed as acceptable by most of the Queerty commenters so I guess they decided to try their hand at Asians.

    I can guarantee you if a disgusting racial comment like this was made about white people all hell would break loose. This “article” is off on a whole new level of stupidity.

    At least when they were trying to call ALL black people homophobic they linked it to something relevant. Even if they were off on some racist bullshit because as we all know skin color doesn’t drive human behavior.

    Grow up, Queerty. Good writing and relevant articles based on facts gets hits too you know. Race baiting and shock titles aren’t necessary.

  • Joe

    Does this mean Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump was really a big MO?

  • Johnny

    Because gays love their Asians!

  • alan brickman

    he’s a jealous surprise…


    I have heard a few gay guys cling to Lucy Lui as being the one they’d cross over the other side for.

    This is going to sound stereotypical and offensive, but I think it’s because Asian women are stereotyped as as exotic, quiet, loyal, and uber demure — and seem like the least likely to judge/question their men. In other words: an Asian woman (as they are stereotyped) would probably be the last to figure out that their guy is harboring a secret…and when she does, perhaps she’d be the least likely to read him the riot act.

    Just one theory.

  • David Ehrenstein

    I didn’t know Penelope Cruz was Asian.

  • jj

    Wow. I’m so happy someone else came up with this. I’ve been saying it for years. Every guy I know who identifies as a hetero but still has sex with guys on the side is with an Asian chick. It’s bizarre but true.

  • Dawson

    Is there anyone in particular he is talking about or is he just making a general statement?

  • jason

    I think Michael Mustard must be spending too much time in New York. Get out of that insulated city, Michael. The real America exists beyond its boundaries.

  • Muaddib777

    I have never ever heard about this but I will say that every gay Asian I know (myself included) only dates white men. I have never in my life seen 2 gay asian guys together.

  • Jasun

    @Muaddib777: That’s a rather sad commentary.

  • SG

    Dumb, racist statement that doesn’t bear repeating. In his racist mind, he thinks that Asian women are docile and desperate to hook up with non-Asian men and that explains why they would be a good mate for closeted gays. And by gays, he means non-Asian gays. It’s really sad when someone supposedly cool stoops to this kind of ‘I have observed’ talk that homophobes used to use against gays in the past. Yeah, he’s observed it, through his racist eyes. Shame on him.

  • Michael David

    i have seven Asian friends who left their Western wives after they (finally admitted) they’re gay; only two White men leaving their Asian wives after coming out.
    this defies your observations.
    so that what the writer said is racist, actually – even if the writer doesn’t recognize that racism in him.

  • Michael David

    @Muaddib777: You need to get out of the world you are currently in – the world is much, much bigger, therefore much, much more diverse than you think it is ;)

  • jeffree

    Let’s think real hard about the words “Asian Woman”. The Filipina woman and the Tibetan woman and the Korean woman and the Chinese woman and the Korean woman have as much in common as the “white” woman from Latvia, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, –and representing the US: NYC, Seattle, Dallas, Omaha & Savannah .

    Which is to say: Michael Must To Stop With The Unhelpful, Unneccessary & Stoopid Stereotypes.

  • Sexy Rexy

    This is the first I’ve heard of this; does that mean Woody Harrelson and Michael Caine are gay?

  • Joe Moore

    @JasonB: Dude, don’t know why people gave you so many thumbs down. I think it’s funny, and these people commenting who are all butt-hurt are just un-funny people who can’t make fun of themselves.

    Plus, my friends and I have had the SAME conversation as you. Asian women are as close to boys as these guys can get. hee hee And I live in Japan where it seems to happen all the time! Guys come here, closeted, to teach English (etc.) and end up marrying an Asian girl.

    It’s sad because eventually they do come out of the closet and ruin both their lives, but it does happen. So bring on the haters! Thumbs down my comments too…if you do, you have no sense of humor.

  • Run of the mill Asian lesbian

    Really, Musto, really? What do these famous white men have in common?

    Clay Aiken, Larry Craig, George Rekers, Ricky Martin, David Dreier, Michael Huffington, Ken Mehlman, Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, Anderson Cooper, Shep Smith, Charlie Crist, Richard Chamberlain, Elton John…

    uh, they aren’t dating (or married to) Asian women.

    I suppose any idiot with a racist stereotype can find proof for why he believe it’s always true. Some blacks can really dance, some Latinos have great rhythm, some Asian women date closeted white gay guys, and some white people are Nazis. The statistics show that most hetero Asian women date and marry hetero Asian men.


  • it could happen to you

    If you’re a rice queen, you’re going to date “Asian” girls before coming out. The rice queen thing comes from having pedophile tendencies. “Asian” men can look awfully boyish to the Caucasian eye.


    Please do not post dumbfuckery like this again.

    It wasn’t racist, humorous, enlightening, thought provoking, interesting, worthy of my time…

    This post was like the kind of thing someone says in the car and everybody looks at them and thinks “dumbass” whilst rolling their eyes.

    Do not subject me to this shit again.

  • Thobdy Nepotts

    This might not have been the most useful or relevant topic to write about, but stereotypes do not spring from nowhere and this phenomenon is hardly unique to New York.

    Anyone who doubts the accuracy of this piece need only visit multicultural Toronto, which is absolutely CHOCK-A-BLOCK with closeted gay guys who are paried up with Asian women.

    Similar in effect to an academic study released about a decade ago (whch proved that Asians had, on average, the largest brains and smallest genitals, that Africans had the reverse and that Caucasians were in the “Goldilocks” spot on both counts), mentioning this particular trivia is not especially helpful for anything, but pointing it out does not make it untrue either.

  • AsianFagHag

    I think it’s true. I’ve dated a few men who turned out to be gay….. as they say they tested being the meat in a gay-wich way. Maybe I shouldn’t pick up men from gay bars anymore. Even the fine go go dancers from gay bars from across this country are pretty iffy – seriously I’ve done it because I’m a wannabe wh***.

    As a fabulous Asian fruit fly, I do attract plenty of gay men. From around the world actually. My gusband (gay husband) loves to piss me off and always comment how I’m like Margaret Cho. I almost got into a few brawls because of that reason. I’m thinner and prettier da** it! I almost tore into some Australian twinks for that reason in London (due to my gusband’s heckling). Of course I told them I know kung fu – since my roundhouse kicks in kickboxing aerobics class is pretty bada** . Oh yeah. My dad is a 7th degree. It should have rubbed off on me somehow, right?

    I believe this article. And if you guys protest, I’ve gotten a lot of propositions from hot gays in many cities who have admitted to wanting to eat my box. So shu* your trap. You know you like your kimchi. It’s good for you.

  • John


    Hmmmm, that stereotype that you mention is so out of date that it belongs in the 19th century. Most Asian women I know are ball busters and don’t take any crap from anyone, especially their SO’s.

  • paul

    @Muaddib777: you need to get out more hun…

  • David

    This sort of article kind of represents some of the hypocrisy within the “elite” gay white community when it comes to prejudice.

    If a straight writer posted an article stereotyping pedophiles in church to be closet homosexual men, people like Michael Musto would be in an uproar and criticize the writer as being a bigot.

    But then these same gay elitists in media like Musto will turn around and offensively spread stereotypical subjects about ethnic minorities without batting an eye. I wish they would be more self aware of what they are doing so they don’t look like hypocrites. No, I’m not calling Musto another gay racist but he does have some cultural ignorance that he needs to be aware of.

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