On The Playground, Homophobia Is Worse Than Cooties

Gay school

In an interesting and all-too-bloody twist comes a report of a seven-year-old grade schooler getting beat up for his father’s anti-gay stance. Perhaps this twist on gay bashing could take place only in a state like Massachusetts. The first-grade boy, in fact, was assaulted nearly a month ago on May 17, the two year anniversary of gay marriage in the state.

The first-grader is the son of David Parker, who last year objected to homosexual teachings in his son’s class. During a meeting with the school’s principal, the elder Parker demanded to be notified when his son’s cirriculum would veer into gay issues so he could remove his child from the classroom. The prinicapl said no; Parker refused to leave, and the police had to be called to escort him.

Now David Parker’s son finds himself on the receiving end of a beat down for his family not being liberal enough.

Mr. Parker described the incident at the school saying: “During the recess period, a group of 8-10 kids suddenly surrounded Jacob and grabbed him. He was taken around the corner of the school building out of sight of the patrolling aides, with the taunting and encouragement of other kids. Jacob was then positioned against the wall for what appeared to be a well planned and coordinated assault.”

Parker told LifeSiteNews.com, his son related that one student in particular performed the actual physical assault while, “many children stood, watched silently, and did nothing as the beating commenced.”

Parker added: “The group of kids surrounded Jacob and he was beaten and punched. Then, as he fell to the ground, another child was heard saying to the group of children, ‘Now you all can finish him off,’ and as he was down on his hands and knees, the beating continued on his back. Then, fortunately, one little girl ran to contact the oblivious playground aides to stop it.

“Four of the attackers were from Jacob’s first-grade class; the others were from other classes at Estabrook.

“The teachers’ aide apparently determined that since she could not see external bleeding, and since Jacob apparently was not hit in the face, she did not send him to she school nurse.”

And then there’s the obvious irony among students wishing their classmate to be more open minded while being too narrow minded to distinguish between right and wrong. Disgusting.

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