On The Upside, Montana’s Republicans Don’t Advocate Eradicating Homosexuals

Not only is the Montana Republican Party committed to cracking down on You People, it’s also concerned with keeping the entire state safe of plague. In its party platform statement under “Homosexual Acts,” the Montana GOP says members “support the clear will of the people of Montana expressed by legislation to keep homosexual acts illegal.” Also: “The presence of brucellosis [a livestock-killing bacteria] in the Greater Yellowstone area has an adverse impact on the hunting and cattle industries in Montana. We support eradicating brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone area and working toward the elimination of split-state or designated surveillance area status.”

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  • jeffree

    Well, how forward-thinking of Montana repugnicrats, supporting the extinction of brucellosis among cattle and trying to increase the gay prison population !

    I look forward to the Montana Democrats’ response.

    p.s. remind me not to honeymoon in Butte !

  • jeffree

    Darn BOLD didn’t quit when it was supposed to. Sorry.

  • Vman455

    To “keep” homosexual acts illegal? But since Gryczan v. Montana (1997) they haven’t been. So what they should say is, “…to make homosexual acts illegal again.”

  • Ryan D

    Wait Wait Wait..HOLD UP! People LIVE in Montana???

  • David in Houston

    At one time, the “will of the people” supported slavery and a ban on interracial marriage. Do they not see a pattern here?

    I am SO looking forward to outing one of their self-loathing closeted politicians.

  • Change

    The law is actually still on the books in Montana, despite the Gryczan ruling. It’s just not enforced, though small town sheriffs who might be unaware of the ruling could one day make an ass out of themselves – and maybe hurt someone in the process – if they try to use the law.

    There have been several tries in the legislature to scrub it off the books and make it official, but BOTH Rs and Ds in the state seem to get a few bad apples who mess it up.

    Last year a resolution to create a state holiday celebrating Juneteenth was voted down because the lobbyist was a homosexual – and the holiday would be in June, on the 19th – near Pride. Too much of a coincidence for some folks.


  • CaliberGuy

    This adds a place to the fun checklist of places not to bother visiting! Stay classy Montana’s GOP

  • John (CA)

    Cue the crazy gay Republican apologists claiming that ten years in a Montana prison is child’s play compared to what the Taliban will do when they invade America.

    Because being one of the 190 countries that has a better human rights record than Afghanistan automatically entitles us to lock up minorities for no particular reason.

  • Dan

    And remember, these are the politicians who expect you to uphold the laws they pass “because they say so”. They are right out of Hilter Germany.

  • Devon

    Montana: The deep south with mountains.

  • adman

    My first parter was from Montana, he grew up on Indian land. The most uninformed, out of touch and nicest people you will ever meet. It’s just that they tend to be wrong about everything. It’s the carefully manicured ignorance and misinformation they “study” in school that does it. I’ve had people in the Billings independent bookstore sneer at me for walking out of the store with actual books in tow. A guy called me poindexter because I was at the bus station reading GQ. “Poindexter?” It took me a while to make sense of that…he was protesting me reading something. Jeez, Monatana, what a fucking haunting and beautiful place. Just don’t listen to any of the Montanans while you’re there.

  • mdthom

    @sophialiang: So what does this ad have to do with Montana?


    When are we going to get legislation preventing sexual acts with us made illegal also?????

    Respecfully submitted by the livestock of Montana

  • stevenelliot

    What a rut both of our political parties are in!

    On the one hand we have the Dems, who by shear school-yard angst, would disown the gays if they could. For they see us as a political liabilty, even though they depend on us for support.
    We homos have a Judas-like relationship with the Democratic party.

    On the other hand, there are the republicans. Who for years have espoused one philosphy about us. Gays are vermin. Republican agenda? God, Guns, and Gays….and I’ll add to that slogan, Mexicans and Mysogeny.

    Same ole shit from both groups for years and years. Know why? Because of the white old men that control government. When our leaders start to really look like the rest of the demographic, thats when things will change.

    Funny, I never relized there was such a “gay problem” in Montana.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    These GOP dumbasses are completely out of step with their own state…Montana is not Texas. The conservatives there are live and let live, small government types. The people are neighborly and don’t like this kind of nasty politicking. Additionally, tons of California Liberals have also moved there changing the demographics and politics of the state. In fact, Obama came shockingly close to winning it, getting 49% without campaigning there. So I encourage the GOP to keep going down this road; you’ll find yourself as irrelevant in Montana as you are in Massachusetts.

    Here is a really good article on why despite whatever gains Republicans make this year because of anti-incumbent backlash, it’s only temporary because of the socially conservative wing of their party and demographics. You guys should read it. Re-reading this always helps lower my blood pressure after I read something like this Queerty article…


  • Eminent Victorian

    I lived in Montana for 5 years, met my partner there, and got the hell out because we simply couldn’t stand the self-righteousness of most of the people in our town. Parts of that state are absolutely gorgeous, and our mantra while living there was “Don’t blame the mountains for the people.” But I can tell you there are many LGBT people living there, fighting the good fight, and they deserve better than some of the jokes being made in this forum. Butte, by the way, is a solidly Democrat city, as is Missoula. Bozeman city council rejected The Patriot Act. The governor has a gay son. Medical marijuana laws were passed in MT. Please don’t minimize what may seem like only small accomplishments in more highly-populated areas; Montanans are still our fellow citizens.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Expletive! I meant that Sen. Tester’s son is gay, not the governor’s!

  • Lawrence

    Woot. MT will be the first time Im out of Canada! Should make for a fun vacation this summer!

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