On Tour With Rihanna: Gays On A Plane!

Aboard the Rihanna777 jet again, I finally had a moment to gather my wits—and turn on the gaydar. And almost immediately I locked in on a couple of flight mates.  (With 300 people on board solely to trail after a pop star, there had to be more than a few.) Here’s what we discovered:

Logo’s Shawn Hollenbach, the social-media manager for RuPaul’s Drag Race, brought Ru herself along as his plus one. Or rather, a cardboard cutout of the supermodel of the world (#cardboardRuPaul).

How has the tour been for the world’s famous drag queen? “Well we blew our wad the first day when we got our picture with Rihanna, says Hollenbach. “Now we’re just collecting pictures of Ru with everyone for the RuHanna’s Tour Around the World flipbook.”

I was feeling frisky, so I asked Philadelphia superfan Johnathan Marmolejos what Rihanna song he’s do in drag. “Probably “Where Have You Been?” I feel like that’s such a gay-friendly song and they eat that up in the clubs and stuff,” he replied with a smile. “My outfit would look very much like the one she wears in the video. Leaves everywhere, skimpy clothes.”

Nick Levine of Attitude magazine says reporting on Rihanna for the Brits means finding the right angle: “I think it’s interesting she wore that Boy George shirt last night [in Paris],” says Levine (right). “I’d love to ask about her or her stylist about that. She also took the stage with [homophobic rapper] Beenie Man in 2009 and I think I would want to address that somehow.”

But what about someone who knows Ri on the inside? “She’s a strong woman and I believe gay guys look up to that,” said Rodrigo Alencar, the queer webmaster of RihannaDaily.com, her official fansite. “She’s a badass—she doesn’t give a fuck about anything, she doesn’t pay attention to what people are saying. We like that—and her music. Alencar has met RiRi before and says she’s a beauty to behold: “Her hair is so soft, she always smells is so good and she’s super sweet. She’s much more beautiful in person and her body is amazing.”

High praise from a gay man, no?