On Tour With Rihanna: The #Rihanna777 Mixtape

Rihanna’s 777 tour has come to an end at last. And quite spectacularly, with special guest Jay-Z popping up at Webster Hall in New York Tuesday night. After seven consecutive Rihanna concerts, it might be a while before I put a Riri playlist on repeat, but there are so many songs that capture how the 777 gang felt throughout the whirlwind week. And being the mixtape fan that I am, I passed my journal around the plane for suggestions from fans and journalists alike.

What follows is a list of tracks that will make a whole lot of sense—or maybe none at all, much like the punch-drunk conversations we had on the Boeing 777.


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  • Eric Auerbach

    Is it over already? Thank God. A pathetic series of articles by a pathetic blogger. Have fun in your next assignment. May I suggest “On the Road with the WBC”? Or, since you’re such a fan of “RiRi”, how about “Lynching Batty Men in Kingston with Beanie Man”? That seems like something that’d be right up your alley.

  • 2eo

    What a waste of time, did you use company money on this debacle?

    Eric is right, why not a series about Beanie Man, it isn’t a stretch, it isn’t a false example or a negative bias.

    Your talents are obviously menial and your application is nil.

  • Brian

    What has Rihanna done for gay people? She sits back and says nothing while gay men are persecuted in her homeland. She hangs out with extremely homophobic reggae singers at their concerts. This bitch can fuck off.

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