On Tour With Rihanna: There Is A Streaker On The Tarmac!

By this point, the Rihanna 777 tour is becoming one big blur: Songs are great, she sounds good but doesn’t dance, and the VIP after-parties are a hot mess. Consider that the template.

But after Sunday’s show in Berlin, a late-night flight to London got the better of all of us on board. The vibe was excitable as journalists chanted for quotes from RiRi, while fans did cheers for shots.

Boisterous, yes. Scary? A bit. Newsworthy, by all means. RiRi’s first appearance with all of us on Wednesday was also her last, save for the occasional airport spotting. Instead of waiting for something to report, one Aussie journalist decided to become the news. By giving all of us a view of his ” press junket,” Australian writer Tim Dormer will now forever be known as the “Rihanna 777 streaker.”

God bless you, man.