Gay Perma-Icon?

Once a Gay Icon, Always a Gay Icon? Wonder Woman Has Staying Power. Or Is It Lynda?

Lynda Carter epitomizes the queer icon, managing to appeal to both gay men and lesbians. The former, but forever Wonder Woman may be currently crisscrossing the U.S. promoting her new album of reimagined pop songs, Crazy Little Things, but she is lugging around the 1970’s television show on her back whether she likes it or not. Tiara, bullet-proof bracelets, golden lasso, auburn main mane of hair, and all. You can’t see them…but you damn well know they are there. And you gotta love how she embraces it.

Lynda the actress is certainly disappointed that NBC passed on the much talked about “Wonder Woman” TV reboot, but could she be thinking deep down inside that if she had been attached to the project that it would have been made? I for one think it might be fun to see what the 59-year-old superhero might be up to. Sadly, we’ll never know. But we’ll certainly take a stab at that icon question: It’s Lynda that’s the icon, not necessarily the character.

So there. What do you think? Will we still be loving Buffy and Gaga when they’re grandmothers?

We talked to Lynda the icon, the singer AND the actress. It’s about 43 minutes in–on this week’s Swish Edition, below or downloadable from iTunes.

Scott Wallis is co-host of the weekly GayCities/Queerty-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He wanted to try on THE costume Lynda has hidden away in her house, but didn’t have the guts to ask.

Photos courtesy Lynda Carter


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