Once In A Lifetime

talking heads

We love Rhino records because they are continuously re-releasing classic albums that we’ve always loved, but that have been buried by the media bombardment of Madonna and Britney and Jessica Simpson. It is nice to remember a time when a machine did not manufacture music, a time when true originality was evident.

Talking Heads were a band that defied all labels and comparisons. Quite simply there was nothing that sounded remotely close to the band and there has been no one close since the band disbanded in the early 1990s. During their time together the band released 8 albums, all of which have been reissued this month. We’ve lost ourselves in the tracks.

Fronted by the freaky David Byrne and rounded out by Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth, and Jerry Harrison, the Heads’ sound mixes punk, world music, funk, rock, and good old-fashioned pop. “Once In A Lifetime” remains a classic. They were always champions of the offbeat and quirky. As kids in the 1980s we related.

This week we’ve discovered that we still do.

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