One Day Spider-Man Could Be Even Gayer Than His Costume

In case you hadn’t heard, the Green Goblin killed off Peter Parker (a.k.a. The Amazing Spider-Man) in June—totes sad. Don’t freak out yet, though: Peter Parker will continue slinging webs in the regular Marvel Universe—he’s just squashed like an arachnid in Marvel’s Ultimate Comics, a separate line that gives new angles to established heroes and villains. (It’s in the Ultimate line, for example, that SHIELD director is a bad-ass Samuel L. Jackson type and Manhattan was hit by a massive flood that killed half the X-Men.)

To keep the Ultimate Spidey franchise going, Marvel has introduced Blatino teen Miles Morales as the new Ultimate Spider-Man, which is keeping in line with the company’s mandate to have Ultimate Comics tell more contemporary stories, “reflective of our culture and diversity.”

But when a Marvel artist hints that a new gay superhero may be coming soon, does she mean that Morales will invite some men back to his web?

Italian concept artist Sara Pichelli—who has worked on Ultimate Spider-Man, Runaways and an X-Men spin-off—tells USA Today, “Maybe sooner or later a black or gay—or both—hero will be considered something absolutely normal.” So while Morales probably won’t be gay, another leading superhero character very easily could be. Considering the number of openly gay caped crusaders—from the DC’s lesbian Batwoman and the Question, gay alien Starman in the Justice League, and X-Men speedster Northstar—a bigger-name superqueero is on the horizon. But who? Well, as part of its company-wide relaunch in September, DC Comics revealed Superman will no longer be married to—or even dating—Lois Lane.

Did they have Manhunt on Krypton?

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  • Jeff

    The comments on Huffington Post about this story are vile and horribly racist. It’s almost like they made Obama Spiderman.

  • Alex

    I find that in general most comments on major news sites are completely hateful and vulgar. Some news subjects, like homosexuality or race, bring out the most ugly, basement dwelling fools this side of the solar system to spew their filth. It’s like clockwork.

    On topic, I wish the comic companies would reveal this sort of thing in a twist and go all OUT – nerdy boycotts be damned.

  • Allen D.

    Don’t forget the X-Men universe’s favorite gay couple Shatterstar and Rictor (X-Factor).

  • JayKay

    I give it six months before they kill him off and find a way to resurrect Peter Parker due to dismal sales.

  • DD

    Well, if the Italian artist is referring to the company who’s comics shes worked on, then it wont be Superman. Youre speaking about two different companies, Marvel; the company that owns Spiderman, X-men and the Runaways (the titles shes worked on) and DC; the company who Superman belongs to.

    Since it seems she only works for Marvel, its safe to say she wouldnt know what DC has planned, so maybe it is ultimate Spiderman, especially since she has worked on this title.

    Which, by the way is a let down, the “Ultimate universe” is not canon with what people who dont read comics are familiar with. Its an alternate version of the characters we all know, and if it is Spiderman, its not even the real Spiderman two fold.

    Not only is it not Spiderman in the regular reality, its not even Peter Parker in
    the alternate reality. So, it is an alternate Spiderman in an Alternate universe, lame.

  • Interesting

    @DD: well, the ultimate universe has been around for almost a decade now. the whole point is to re-imagine stories without the baggage of the previous lore. So, what better place than that for a new spiderman?

    Re Racists (unconnected to the above comment by me)

    It is weird they choose to attack something like this. I mean in the Ultimate Universe- Colossus of the X-men is gay, etc. Its also weird that they think that leaving all characters white in the comics is okay, but heaven forbid anyone complain when they white wash Akira by trying to cast a white lead, not for an alternate universe version, but for the main universe story line. Then that’s just the minorities have sour grapes like they stated when people had a problem with the last air bender. The point is that geeks can be bigots too. I don’t let that phase me anymore. I enjoy all osrts of stories, and it all depends on how its done.

  • blackcoffee

    i’ll be waiting for the spider-man x kraven plotline <3

    btw i always thought there something going on between them in the 90's series

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