One Direction’s “Family Values” Man Shoots Guns With The Duck Dynasty Clan

liam-payne-duck-dynastyLiam Payne has enraged One Direction fans on Twitter again this week by holding a massive camouflage rifle while posing for a photo with members of the notoriously homophobic Duck Dynasty clan at their home in Louisiana.

The 21-year-old One Direction singer was apparently at Duck Dynasty headquarters earlier this week to “shoot clay pigeons” with the family while discussing god knows what.

His friend Andy Samuels posted (and quickly deleted) the photo below with the caption: “Today I shot a gun at a clay disc thing and I loved it.”


Payne enraged fans in January for expressing his fetish for “family values” and deep respect for the Robertson family, most of whom have defended their record of being unabashedly anti-gay. Many questioned whether Payne was a fan of the Robertson family values, which include believing that “AIDS is god’s penalty for immorality.”

This week, fans are criticizing him for posing with guns more than posing with this family, an offense we think is exponentially more disgusting.

Earlier this month, Payne responded on Twitter to accusations that he was gay after photos allegedly showing him having gay sex appeared online (you didn’t miss anything – they’re horribly photoshopped).

Oh, ok Liam.