One Direction’s Liam Payne Supports Homophobic Duck Dynasty “Family Values”

Liam_Payne_Singing_2012_640x360Please join us in holding hands, crying uncontrollably, and realizing the world will probably never be the same.

Hell hath frozen over this evening as Liam Payne, the notoriously accepting, male ass-grabbing, [formerly] hottest member of One Direction has tweeted support for Willie Robertson, son of homophobic Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson who compared homosexuality to bestiality.

The A&E show has come under scrutiny for blatantly homophobic and racist comments Robertson made in an interview with GQ last month. He was placed on a quickly-lifted suspension, and the show is now down by 28% in ratings.

This evening, Liam entered the conversation:

Hearts were broken:

A half-assed apology was offered:

The gays are not buying it:

On behalf of gays everywhere,