One Direction’s Liam Payne Supports Homophobic Duck Dynasty “Family Values”

Liam_Payne_Singing_2012_640x360Please join us in holding hands, crying uncontrollably, and realizing the world will probably never be the same.

Hell hath frozen over this evening as Liam Payne, the notoriously accepting, male ass-grabbing, [formerly] hottest member of One Direction has tweeted support for Willie Robertson, son of homophobic Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson who compared homosexuality to bestiality.

The A&E show has come under scrutiny for blatantly homophobic and racist comments Robertson made in an interview with GQ last month. He was placed on a quickly-lifted suspension, and the show is now down by 28% in ratings.

This evening, Liam entered the conversation:

Hearts were broken:

A half-assed apology was offered:

The gays are not buying it:

On behalf of gays everywhere,


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  • myloginname

    Goodbye Liam the door is that way.

  • MK Ultra

    Oh, there’s that buzzword again, “family values”.

  • crowebobby

    This really makes me sad rather than mad. I’m an old man and I love the way the YouTuber seem to be so accepting of everything gay concerning both their colleagues and fans. One Direction seemed to be a perfect example of it. I know a lot of the kissing is because their younger girl fans love to see it, but it was still nice watch. And I’m still half-convinced Harry and Louis are lovers. Maybe they are, but this still tarnishes the lovely illusion the group managed to create. I don’t listen to their music, but Harry still sets my heart a flutter . . . and I couldn’t care less what you married members of your local PTA think about that.

  • dougmc92

    went to his twitter- the original tweet is gone- just the follow up lame explanation is there

  • tardis

    So, apparently you can’t be gay and have family values.

    What the hell does that even mean? Still hold family values? Ugh. The condescension…

  • litper

    Now we know who’s gay in 1D.

  • mrsbuela

    who gives a rabid rat’s fanny.


    New Kids on the Block. Backstreet Boys. NSync. There’s tons more boy bands but ol buela is too damned lazy to do a google search.

    Eventually lil Liam will be long forgotten, a career that consists of being a has-been on sad reality shows.

  • Captain proton

    I read the title and my first thought was “Tyler oakly and Troye sivan are going to keel over”.

  • tada-no

    That Tyler Oakley will rip off all the posters of 1D in her bedroom and never finger herself to Liam’s pics again…OK give it a week max.

  • xzall

    Liam still tweeting about this now.

    “Oh my god can someone literally not be a fan if a show without bring labeled WTf I bought dinner the other day it made a news story”

    “What I gotta do to please you bastards I’m a 20 year old just living life as you did when u where twenty but in extraordinary circumstances”

    “I just watched a show and I liked it as most people do stop sitting in my twitter and do your research #lazyjournos”

    “Sick of all this bull il be back again when the freedom of speech law is back and people don’t believe to much into the bulls#!t they read”

    I’m surprised his management hasn’t stepped in to try to control the mess he’s getting in the more he tweets.

  • nevereclipsed81

    I have to admit I was a fan. Either the teen girl in me, or the pop music lover, either way these kids had finally grown on me. I liked their latest song. But I’m done. If Harry Styles goes off on his own I’ll be a fan, because I know he isn’t homophobic. But no matter how this guy spins this, there’s some bizarre homophobia there, and at the very least a disrespect for the money he’s made from gay and gay friendly fans.

  • jckfmsincty

    Reaction formation, anyone?

  • nevereclipsed81

    @xzall: When you where 20.. LMAO When I was 20 I was in college, which is why I know the difference between were and where..

  • SteveDenver

    Poor Liam, the more he tweets the stupider he sounds.

  • litper

    can’t wait till British media picks up this

  • JDJase

    I guess I’ll play devil’s advocate and give him the benefit of the doubt. He doesn’t seem like much of a reader, so perhaps he’s unaware of Phil Robertson’s recent controversies. Also, “family values” being code for “anti-gay” is really more of an *American* colloquialism.

    Basically, I think he’s dumb, not homophobic.

  • booplay

    Nowhere did Liam say anything even remotely anti-gay. In fact, the entire band has always supported gay and anti-bullying causes. Sometimes the gay community can be the least tolerant You are all reading way too much into this, and it makes you sound like a bunch of whiny queens. You’re all so quick to attack someone and assume the worst.

  • robirob

    Very disappointing. In his profession and the fanbase that One Direction has this is difficult to tolerate. But I guess boybands nowdays need a homophobic / family value douchebag one in their group to appeal to the redneck crowd (like they’d want to be caught singing and dancing to a One Direction song by their peers!).

  • booplay


    Please fill me in on where he said anything homophobic. As I said in the above post, people are so quick to judge and assume the worst. Just because a gay site tells you that you should be outraged, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the facts and try to come up with an actual opinion of your own.

  • litper

    @booplay: he used the words “family values” and “freedom of speech”, the most favourite defense of teabillies who “stand with Phil”. It’s clear he’s a homophobe and loves these bigots!

  • booplay


    He didn’t say anything even remotely homophobic. The gay community can be so quick to judge and assume the worst. Just because this site reports this story as if we should be outraged, doesn’t mean you can’t develop an actual opinion for yourself.

  • booplay


    If you believe that using the words ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘family values’ is evidence enough to call him a homophobe, then you are delusional. This attitude is just as dangerous and damaging as the homophobic attitude.

  • 2eo

    How sad, unsurprising but sad.

  • litper

    @booplay: using them in the same sentence while supporting a rabid conservative homophobe who compared gays to dog rapists? Yes, that does make him a homophobe.

  • booplay


    He used the term ‘freedom of speech’ in defense of himself, and he, himself, never said anything homophobic. He even went as far as to say that he wasn’t supporting the things that they said. And you people are the ones assuming that ‘family values’ translates into anti-gay. This attitude is sad and delusional. Makes me a ashamed of the way so many gay people react to things. It’s like having a bunch of gay Al Sharptons, trying to find prejudice anywhere they can, even if they have to invent it.

  • robirob

    Dear booplay. You are a fangirl. I get it. What you do not see as homophobic gay people do see them as tell tale sign for homophobia.

    Like for example:

    I am not homophobic, but …

    Obviously something homophobic and offensive is going to follow, but the speaker thinks he’s using some clever ‘get out of jail’ card for saying ‘I am not homophobic, but …’ first.

    ‘Family values’ or the even stronger ‘traditional family values’ are deliberately used to exclude, dismiss, and disparage same sex relationships. It is part of a passiv agressive strategy to throw shade at gay people and rile up people who are afraid to leave their comfort zone regarding things like homosexuality and their comfort zone being directly threatened by said topic.

    Again, you are a fangirl and you obviously do not have to face homophobic rethoric that is aimed directly at you in order to diminish or intimidate you on a daily basis. So it is understandable that you are not aware of how some harmless sounding words are used to hurt specific people or a group of people.

    Back to Liam Payne. How many British kids and teens really use the word ‘family value’ or ‘freedom of speech’ on their own? I believe this was deliberate by the One Direction handlers to create a controversy to promote One Direction’s latest music release and try to reach a more country/redneck type of audience maybe even trying to start some kind of Chic-a-Filet support movement. I really hope that if that is true that it will backlash bigtime.

  • Zodinsbrother

    Okay, taking a step back I think there is a lost in translation element to this. I think people, before jumping to conclusions about what Liam was saying, need to put his comments in context.

    1) Liam is British, the controversy about Robertson isn’t news here at all. The show runs on a very minor channel. Most people in the UK have never heard of it. So I think it’s probably likely that a 20yo straight lad like Liam could have watched the show, seen a close family and appreciate that while being entirely and reasonably ignorant about Robertson’s views. In fact, I think that’s almost certain.

    2) Secondly the phrase “Family Values” doesn’t carry the same innate homophobic slant in the UK any more, certainly not in the way it does in the US. It is worth stressing that the kind of wingnut homophobia of Robertson is very rare here and generally seen as absurd. In he UK when we talk about family values most people would not automatically or universally assume that is something which excludes Gay people. Britain is in a very different place to the US when it comes to public discourse about homophobia and homosexuality.

    3) I don’t for a second believe that Liam is homophobic. I genuinely don’t think any of the One Direction lads are.

    4) Yes he came over as defensive and stupid in his replies. But I think all the furore would have come as a big shock to him bearing in mind all I’ve talked about.

  • myloginname

    Well said robirob.

  • Cam

    Well, now we know which one of them is the closet case.


    I love how half of your commentary is that he is British and these things don’t mean the same thing, and the other half is that this show isn’t known over there well so he probably doesn’t know about the controversy.

    1. He obviously knows the show well enough to have tweeted to the guy.
    2. Britain actually doesn’t have a guarantee of Free Speech written so he obviously knows enough to try to use (Incorrectly) the U.S. guarentee on that.
    3. Your saying that “Family Values” never meant the same thing in Britain is a lie. Laws like Section 28 were defended using those exact terms, so please don’t try to defend your little crushes by trying to lie to all of us “Ignorant Americans” by claiming things that aren’t true about other countries and thinking we won’t know you are lying.

    But nice try…

  • DCguy

    Well now all the little screaming girls know who the closeted one in the group is.

  • litper

    Please stop defending this homophobe. What I don’t understand is why UK gay media is still silent about this. Guess someone from 1D marketing team is trying very hard to not let it blow up.

  • Zodinsbrother


    Well in Britain our Prime Minister said his belief in family values was why he was introducing same sex marriage. So the homophobic meaning has been firmly rebuked at the highest level here. I think that explaining in a simple way why phrases carry different connotations in different cultures is pretty sensible.

    I think the argument that because you have watched a few episodes of a programme that you would know the politics of its star is daft. Especially if its not common knowledge in your country.

    It is also clear when you actually read his tweets in context that Liam’s comment about free speech were in relation to his anger about what he felt were misreporting of what he had said rather that anything to do with Robertson’s comments.

    Finally, the UK doesn’t have ANY written constitution at all. Our constitution is based on convention and precedent which means our system is more flexible. Which is why the UK has the most progressive and pro gay laws in the world without the need for the endless battle to take freedom through the courts in the US, which just makes lawyers rich. It also means that we have had freedom of speech as a convention longer than the US has existed.

  • jimbryant

    Why on earth do we gay people get sucked into supporting trivial pop “stars” whose CV consists of lip-syncing and miming according to a cynical marketing ploy? We got sucked in by Britney Spears, Madonna and so many other pop music acts, it’s not funny. Is there some void in our lives which we must fill with undying devotion to pop stars?

    For Pete’s sake, let’s wake up. We need to wake up to the fact that the music industry is extremely homophobic. It won’t allow a male performer to come out as gay or bisexual. It markets male performers towards female listeners. This means that their sexuality and their songs must make women feel wanted. Male homosexuality isn’t going to do it.

  • robirob

    @jimbryant: Because some members of the gay community are so desperate for approval from others that they are willing to pay for it.

  • Cam

    @Zodinsbrother: said… “Well in Britain our Prime Minister said his belief in family values was why he was introducing same sex marriage. So the homophobic meaning has been firmly rebuked at the highest level here. I think that explaining in a simple way why phrases carry different connotations in different cultures is pretty sensible.


    1. The PM specifically chose those words to coopt them because they were the favored words used by the anti-gay folks there.

    2. Considering the Duck Dynasty Guy’s type of family values has been obvious from the language, anti-gay, pro-men marrying 15 year olds etc… The meaning of of the words as applied to him are also quite obvious.

    Nice try.

  • Maria Whittaker

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  • Zodinsbrother


    And as I said, Robertson’s values have barely been reported in the Uk.

  • Cam


    And yet funny how the One Direction Singer seemed to know about them isn’t it?

  • Zodinsbrother

    Well there is no evidence at all that he did actually. The show in question is about a family, it makes that family the core of its narrative. Without knowledge of recent events that narrative of close family without value judgements about homosexuality would easily be something a viewer would take. Many people in the US who watched it had no idea about Robertson’s wider politics until the GQ article. It’s been a big story on US led media sites. But in the UK where Liam lives it’s barely reported at all because the show and it’s stars are not known or newsworthy here. So Liam being completely unaware that his words would be read as supportive of Robertson’s homophobia is perfectly possible and in light of his active history of pro-gay sentiment is the most logical explanation.

  • ncman

    @Zodinsbrother: except his apology after having the controversy explained to him is rather weak. Where was the “now that I know I no longer support….” part of his apology?

  • BJ McFrisky

    What’s funny is that people thought this kid was a Big Gay Supporter simply because he was sooo hawwwwt and belonged to a boy band, when all along he was a fan of a Duck Dynasty—and probably eats at Chick-fil-A and votes Republican, to boot.
    Maybe in the future people like Tyler Oakley should choose their idols based on substance rather than appearance.

  • Zodinsbrother

    Why would he vote republican or eat Chickfila, neither of them exist in the UK. As for the Bands pro gay credentials, they were picketed for being pro gay by the Phelps brigade.

  • balehead

    You all sound like frustrated predators as usual…

  • balehead

    This makes him even hawter….

  • redspyder

    @Zodinsbrother: So your argument is that the Band are pro Gay because they were picketed by the Phelps brigade? So why is this band member giving “huge love” to someone who essentially holds the same views as the Phelps brigade?

    Its like people who say that Hitler is one of the greatest leaders Germany ever had, then following up with “Just because I think he did great things doesn’t mean I approve of him killing 6 million Jews”.

    This kid is an idiot; you trying to defend him is worse. Quite frankly I’m surprised that his management even let him have a phone at this point. If I was his bandmate, I would have broken it by now.

  • Zodinsbrother

    Liam’s sister has gone on record as saying that she has spoken to him about it and he knew nothing at all about Robertson’s views or the controversy around it. He had been working hard and was catching up on TV he’d not had time to see. It’s easy for us to forget how people exist in a bubble. He famous hadn’t even known about the war in Syria at one point. She quotes him as saying “Oh Ruth what have I done? Again I cant do anything right can I?”

    You have got to fell sorry for him really. He had no idea about the can of worms he was opening.

  • alan225

    For a start, I’m not a fan of 1D at all in the slightest. I live in Ireland, I only knew about the controversy around Duck Dynasty from gay news websites like Queerty. How in the world can you expect him to know what was said? Should he trawl through blogs about garbage television so he won’t be called a bigot? Get a grip. And “family values” clearly has a warped meaning in the US if saying it makes you a homophobe. Being a gay man myself I believe in my own “family values”. That family comes before all else. Liam didn’t tweet “I really agree with your homophobia”, he was only saying he likes the way he keeps his family so close. Oakley is just another gay like Perez, latching onto celeb’s to get his fame and then turning on them to try to get even more.

  • litper

    @Zodinsbrother: we all know what “Family values” mean in Duck Dynasty context. He could as well tell his cat accidentally typed that, that actually would sound more believeable

  • Zodinsbrother


    I think you overestimate the attention the rest of the world pays the the hateful bigotry of a man on a US TV programmme that is barely known in the rest ofhthe world. Why would Liam know that anymore than you know what Loinel Blair did with a bottle on Big Brother UK last week. And if you don’t know, you prove my point. Not everyone in the world knows about the controversies of minor reality TV shows in other countries.

  • litper

    @Zodinsbrother: why did he get so angry and defensive and didn’t even ask why people are unhappy with his tweet? He obviously knew what he was saying.

  • KittyLitter


  • Niall

    @Zodinsbrother: Then he could have simply stated that in his “apology”?

  • redspyder

    @alan225: What a feeble apologist you are… now you’re dragging the poor sister into it. Poor Liam. I really feel for how he shoots his mouth off without thinking, refuses to give a decent apology and then whine privately about “what have I done?”

  • Cam

    @alan225: said…

    “For a start, I’m not a fan of 1D at all in the slightest. I live in Ireland, I only knew about the controversy around Duck Dynasty from gay news websites like Queerty. How in the world can you expect him to know what was said?


    Can all of you ridiculous little fangurls stop? One Direction is huge in Ireland as well.

    And for all of you claiming that he would have known about the Duck Dynasty issue, then isn’t it interesting that he bothered to tweet out something specifically about family values, to that guy right when he was embroiled in a controversy about it? Gee, what a coincidence!!!

    And to those of you who keep lying and claiming that you just don’t hear about this type of homophobia over in England, nice try, here is an article about one of your national politicians who just claimed that Britain’s acceptance of gay marriage is responsible for flooding and bad weather.


  • redspyder

    @redspyder: Actually that was for @Zodinsbrother:

    @alan225: Although, you are looking at feeble apologist as well. He’s been travelling in the US – he has to be at least marginally aware of who and what he is tweeting about. Assuming, of course, that he’s not a complete moron. And whats with your hate? “Oakley is just another gay like Perez, latching onto celeb’s to get his fame and then turning on them to try to get even more”. Are you ignoring the fact that Oakley is right to call him out on this?

    Pathetic that you 1D fans are so blind to your heroes faults. And if you’re not a fan – why are you so vocal in your defense of poor behavior?

  • jwrappaport

    Classic dog-whistle politics: we know exactly what “family values” means, and so does Liam. It means white picket fences, church picnics, and no [email protected] I wish they’d have the balls to say what they really mean.

  • Zodinsbrother

    @jwrappaport: None of which are part of Brithish culture. Stop filtering everything through US tinted glasses.

  • redspyder

    All excuses… no answers. Directioners are pathetic.

  • jwrappaport

    @Zodinsbrother: It’s a pity you can’t win a medal in Sochi for rhetorical gymnastics – I dare say you’d get the gold!

    The Duck Dynasty family has only recently become the subject of general conversation and for one reason: because their patriarch publicly and crassly expressed his distaste for gays and lesbians. A message of support for his “family values” on the heels of that announcement almost certainly refers to that distaste. To suggest otherwise is naive at best and idiotic at worst.

  • DjARD


    I apologize for the blindness of my fellow Amurricans. You’re making a very sound argument.

    That being said, there is one point of contention I have:

    Payne has travelled far more than the average Brit. He’s been to the States extensively, and no doubt had much more time to absorb current American popular culture. While it’s still possible he was ignorant to the controversy, he nevertheless had a far greater chance of being exposed to it than most people from the U.K. due to how much time he’s spent over here, and how ubiquitous it was as a news story for a brief period.

    Of course, he’s clearly not terribly bright, so whether he would pay attention to and retain those news stories is also a factor.

  • Zodinsbrother


    it is worth remembering that the guys in these kind of bands move from city to city and often don’t even know what country they are in. They work long hours and their days are managed for them. Plus they have been doing this since being 16. That leaves little scope for getting to know the world. It is fair to say most of their experience of the US is airports, hotels, stadia and TV studios.

  • Zodinsbrother

    @redspyder: I’m no teenage girl dear. Lol.

  • MK Ultra

    But if he was misunderstood, then why hasn’t he clarified what he meant. You know, he could probably put out the fire right away if he has said “I don’t agree with homophobia”.
    He seems to avoid saying that, instead spitting out self-righteous defensiveness?
    That doesn’t exactly lend much to the theory that he didn’t know about “family values” being an extremely anti-gay code word.

  • Stache1

    @mrsbuela: Don’t forget the comeback tours in 20 years from middle aged women and a few old Queens.

  • Niall

    @MK Ultra: Thank you! This is what I asked the person defending him too. In his statement/rant, he could have easily included a “I was not aware of his views and only enjoyed the show”. If course it’d be a load of BS, but at least it’ll excuse him a bit in the eyes of those who will believe it.

  • KDub

    I know all you guys are waaaaaaay too old to have this much to say about a 21 year old. lol

  • Cam

    Again, for the little fangurl liars….

    1. If he knew nothing about the controversy or who the Duck Dynasty guy was then why would he tweet to him and tweet to him SPECIFICALLY about the topic that they guy has been in the news about?

    2. Claiming that that type of homophobia isn’t in Britain is another lie. Here is an article about a current member of Parliment who has claimed that the bad weather in Britain is because of “The Gays”


  • Pistolo

    I sympathize with the aggravation he feels at all of the scrutiny he has to endure but he’s putting all his frustrations in the wrong place. This is something any person, famous or not, deserves scrutiny for. I really do hope someone gets a hold of him to help him understand this because I feel like all of those boys seem pretty un-homophobic.

    Honestly, I hadn’t the faintest idea what Duck Dynasty was until this controversy. I had no idea it was even popular so I can imagine he just might not know the extent of the hurt this causes to his gay fans. But he’d better figure his s–t out fast.

  • Zodinsbrother


    Firstly I’m not a girl, just a fair minded observer. Your argument is based on the assumption that anyone who talks about family values is always arguing in favour of homophobia. Which is just wrong. Plus actually read the explanation from his sister.

    As for the story you linked to, the man is NOT and MP. He is a local councillor which is like being on a council in a small nowhere town in the US. But also, even though he is a member of the most right wing elected party, he had been expelled for his homophobia which is universally seen as unacceptable. It is also so rare, it is a major news item as an example of the nutty end of politics.

  • redspyder

    @Zodinsbrother: His sister said you’re the President of his Fan Club.

  • Dev.C

    Obviously this Liam kid’s views are not necessarily the same as some of his boy band counterparts. If I remember correctly didn’t he through a few homophobic slurs when going to twitter war with members of The Wanted? obviously this kid is to young mentally to understand the severity of the things that come out of his mouth and the crap he supports. It boggles my mind that he says he really supports a mans family views but back track and says without the homophobic part, He sounds like a teenager trying to cover up a lie. Enough with these children already.

  • jwrappaport

    @DjARD: I can apologize for myself, thanks, but I won’t here. It’s very clear that it’s more likely than not that Liam was making a homophobic claim than simply a benign one on family values. Cam’s comment spoke to this along with mine, yet apparently it’s lost on you still. I will repeat it for your benefit:

    Duck Dynasty has been in the news for only one reason: the patriarch’s unabashed and crassly expressed homophobia. It is beyond naive to think that support for his family values is anything other than support for his position – why else would he be tweeting about this? I doubt he was even aware of this show’s existence before the controversy.

    @KDub: You misunderstand. We have a lot to say about public figures in general who speak ill of us and then pathetically backpedal when there’s backlash.

  • jwrappaport

    @Zodinsbrother: You joust with strawmen. What we are arguing is that it is far more likely that Liam was referring to the negative connotation of family values given the context in which he wrote – not that that term can never be used innocently. Read the tweets and think about when they were written and about whom. It is inconceivable to me that a rational human being could conclude that his timely tweet was likely benign. And yet, here you are.

  • Cam

    @Zodinsbrother: said… “. But also, even though he is a member of the most right wing elected party, he had been expelled for his homophobia which is universally seen as unacceptable.


    And another example of you being a liar. No, he quit his party because Cameron supported gay marriage. Once again an example that when you say that Britain doesn’t have this type of homophobia you are lying.

    You aren’t a disinterested observer if you are actually lying to try to cover for your little hero there.

  • ZaneStuart

    Boy band music makes my ears bleed.

  • redspyder

    @ZaneStuart: Liam’s sister says no it doesn’t.

  • Dxley

    I wish I knew who the fuck you people are talking about.

  • Niall

    @Dxley: Google is your friend.

  • hotshot70

    I am waiting for a tell-all book that tells how they all bang each other before a show.

  • myloginname

    I guess Liam’s people have told him to STFU and they plan to say nothing else. Final straw is rehab after they twist his twitter rant and twitter photo of him on a ledge 34 floors up in London on January 15th into a heart wrenching story of how lost he is and can we just respect him during this tragic time.

  • john.k

    @cam I’m Irish and don’t follow British politics closely. However, as I understand it the politician you are referring to quit the Conservative Party over gay marriage. He then joined the UK Independence Party )UKIP). That is the right wing party to which Zodinsbrother referred. That is the party that expelled him over his homophobic comments. There is no doubt that most people in Britain regard him as a loony rightist!

  • Zodinsbrother

    @Cam: Another example of you not knowing what the feck you are talking about. He was punished by UKIP, the party he was a member of at the time of his weather comments.

    I really wonder why so many people find it hard to believe that someone might watch a TV Show and tweet about it. I think the manic follow up from him pretty much proves he had no idea what he was doing.

    Personally, I’ve always hated Duck Dynasty for its celebration of violence against wildlife. Robertson’s homophobia was just another reason. But if we want our voices to be taken seriously then we should foc7of people like Robertson who spew hatred rather than kids who don’t know what they are doing at 4am in the morning.

  • muscl954

    I thought Liam Payne was gay.

  • Zodinsbrother

    @jwrappaport: My point is simply that his family’s assertion that he knew nothing about the controversy and was using the term innocently is credible and actually the most likely explanation in the context of this individual. Liam is a member of a famously gay friendly band, is friends with Tom Daley, follows a number of openly gay people on twitter and has often performed at gay events. He does a job which isolates him from a lot of what goes on in the world which means he is prone to missing big events. He famously was ignorant about the Syrian conflict which is much bigger news. The kind of bible belt crap that Robertson spews is virtually unheard of in the UK mainstream, which is why that UKIP councilor became such a big story and a laughing stock. In the very secular UK culture it is extremely unlikely that anyone in Liam’s world would associate with or even know about that kind of religious thinking which is exceptionally rare here. Yes we have plenty of homophobes here too but they don’t do it in that way. If I thought for a second he genuinely made that comment in support of homophobia I would shout louder than anyone. I just think that with this guy the explanation that it was a combination of ignorance of the controversy and naivety about his language just looks more credible.

  • alanj

    I really hope you are right because the other version is inexcusable.

  • redspyder

    @Zodinsbrother: But what did Liam’s sister say?!?!?!

    And have you been promoted to Chief Apologist yet? Being President of his Fan Club is insufficient for the amount of work your putting in on this guy

  • Zodinsbrother


    I agree.


    *shrug* I’m genuinely not a fan. In fact I’m known as a bit of a zealot when it comes to challenging homophobia among those who know me. But I do think we need to focus on people who are genuinely homophobic rather than people who say things which could be read as homophobic if you squint and interpret everything in the worst way possible. Especially when the person has a history of being gay friendly and there is a perfectly credible explanation which stands up is consistent with that person’s history and cultural background. And I just think it is a stretch and slightly bigoted to presume US-centric redneck values from a person who comes from a place where rednecks and their values don’t exist.

  • redspyder

    @Zodinsbrother: by your theory:

    Someone tweets “I think Hitler was a great leader – look at the way he rebuilt Germany so quickly!”

    Chaos ensues.

    Lame apology “Doesn’t mean I agree with the whole killing 6 million Jews”

    By your logic: “Stop condemning him – he’s not even German”.

    What a load of shite.

  • redspyder

    @Zodinsbrother: You bend over backwards to provide excuse after excuse for someone whose first instinct is to defend his reasoning instead of apologize for a mistake. You parrot his sister’s words to defend him, apparently tracking down her every interview, just because you’re standing up for the rights of the unjustly accused. Certainly not because you have a collage of his pictures on your wall and a framed toothpick he once used that you bought online.

    In your glorious battle against homophobia, perhaps you should open your eyes. Liam lives and gets paid in a global world – one he has had far more personal exposure to than most. Pretending he’s not even aware of the DD issues – when he spends so much time in the US – is not credible. And those “US centric redneck values” you talk about are the same values that exist in Great Britain. They’re not geographically isolated, nor do they come in different flavours. A case of Norwegian rac!sm didn’t crop up in East Tokyo last month, nor did a case Colorado homophobia show up in Thailand today.

    Stop making excuses for someone else’s poor behavior. All it does it detract from all that fine work you are doing fighting anti-Directioners. I mean homophobia. *eyeroll*.

  • Zodinsbrother


    The point I keep making is that most people who would find and watch an episode of Duck Dynasty in the UK would do so without knowing anything about it or Robertson’s views and controversies. The only people here who really know about it are those that follow US LGBT news, which frankly doesn’t really overlap with the people who would watch the show or the channel it is on in the UK. The channel it is on shows is like number 520 with Fishing shows. The idea that he would watch that channel, see DD and take it on face value without knowledge of the controversy is credible because that’s factually how the vast majority of of people in the UK would encounter it.

    You seem to be vastly over estimating the degree to which the rest of the world knows or cares about these minor US reality shows. US TV really doesn’t get much interest here, we have enough of our own.


    Everyone lives in a global world but can you tell me, without researching, what the politics are of the presenter of minor reality shows from the UK?

    Do you even know of any?

  • john.k

    I have to come to Zodinsbrother’s defence again. Gays here in Ireland are as quick as any in the US to take offence at real or imagined homophobia. I read two gay forums here every day. The Liam Payne controversy hasn’t been mentioned in either of them. The reason probably is that hardly anyone here knows anything about “Duck Dynasty” or the people involved in it. The comments of the UKIP councillor have however caused much merriment.

    Isn’t it amazing just the same that a tweet by a 20 year old boyband singer that may or may not have had a homophobic undertone has generated amore comment than any other matter I’ve seen on Queerty!

  • Zodinsbrother

    @john.k: Thanks :)

    I think the level of comment sadly tells you how much people need to hate something or someone. Which is ironic.

  • john.k

    @Zodinsbrother: Because of all the references to it here I had a look at an episode of “Duck Dynasty” last night. I managed to endure it for all of 5 minutes (lol).

  • Zodinsbrother

    Yep, its shite as well as morally abhorrent.

  • boymike

    Just so you know, “Family Values” is a catch phrase used by anti-gay folks meaning straight married couples with kids. It does not imply that gays with kids are a part of “Family Values”. Nor are single gay or single straight parents, not sure if they include interracial couples. They may be OK, as long as they’re straight with kids. That’s my take.

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