One Million Moms Must Be Big WWII Buffs

We were curious about the kind of expertise JC Penney/comic-book-industry nemesis One Million Moms has, so we moseyed on over to Klout, which analyzes social-media profiles, to find out. We expected benign topics like mommyblogging or sisterhood or traveling pants. Oh, wait, what’s that?

“Hate Crime”? “Homophobia”? “Adolph Hitler”?

Who’d have guessed that they have so much in common with Fox News?

Sadly, OMM probably isn’t checking their social media stats this week, as they’re apparently off at Vacation Bible School with the children. At least, that’s what they wrote on Facebook before their account vanished Friday afternoon.

Cruelest vacation trick ever:

“Hey kids, we’re going on vacation!”


“To the Bible.”


“Pray that seeds will be planted,” OMM wrote of the trip—which, ew gross.

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  • JasonMacBride

    I million moms. Ten brain cells.

  • Neo

    @JasonMacBride: I see they’ve recently quadrupled their brainpower.

  • JasonMacBride

    @Neo: I didn’t say ten functioning brain cells.

  • Halston

    It is shameful that there are 1,000,000 single moms!

  • Lefty

    I doubt all of them are even women, let alone mothers and certainly nowhere near 1,000,000 in number.
    I guess “Small Group Of Bigoted Fucktards” doesn’t sound so impressive, though…

  • Bill

    Their actual membership is closer to 40,000 — nowhere near a million.

  • tinkerbell

    One Million Moms=20,000 old white women who were moms 50 years ago and 30,000 old white men who are Buick Centurians who still want to put people in their place.

  • abel

    One Million Moms = A Few Thousand C*nts Who Can’t Count.

  • Robroberts

    One Million Years since any of them have gotten laid.

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